A longstanding symbiosis between Netanyahu and Gaza’s hard right just broke

A quick disclaimer is that I am offering my own political analysis since I have yet to be invited to do so through either broadcast or print media. My filter is decidedly pro-Israel but my goal is always honesty and with consideration to the actions of all those involved. I wrote yesterday, as I’ve been writing for years, that I have considered Netanyahu and his increasingly hard Right coalition governments to have a primary accountability.

The Faustian deal Netanyahu made most recently in creating the current government dominated by Jewish extremists and, literally, Jewish terrorists was incomprehensible and grotesquely irresponsible. It is mildly interesting, not wholly unexpected but interesting, that we haven’t heard from these individuals to notably include Ben Gvir and Smotrich since yesterday. Each also shares a primary responsibility for the Hamas deluge

I have long held that Netanyahu and his increasingly hard Right coalitions have represented a bigger risk to Israel than Hamas, the PA and Iran combined. I’ve written about the symbiotic relationship between Netanyahu and Israel’s militant extremist Right and the Gazan militant extremist Right. Others have also written about this but, sadly, we’ve all been ignored…until Hamas’s deluge of 10/8.

With all of this, I have become further infuriated as I listen to supposed Palestinian ‘leaders’ along with those from the PA to include Mustafa Barghouti who have, in effect, started to act as hostage negotiators on behalf of a Hamas despite their longstanding mutual hatred. The PA, still led by its violently antisemitic and Holocaust denying octogenarian dictator, Mohamad Abbas, is weak and cowardly but determined to hold onto it’s own center of power no matter the consequences.

That the PA and Hamas has long been locked in their own brutal, internecine war with little regard for citizens on the West Bank or in Gaza has yet to be referenced or questioned.

That there is no ‘Palestine’ but two warring dictatorships in the PA and Hamas has yet to be referenced or questioned.

For the record, I still support what would hypothetically be a two state solution. But that there is no unified ‘Palestine’ to include economically, politically, or socially is never referenced or questioned.

That the most deadly risk to Palestinian citizens has long been their own illiberal and incredibly corrupt leadership has also yet to be referenced or questioned.

It also infuriates me to have Palestinian apologists making Putinesque arguments that Hamas terrorists of 10/8 only targeted Israeli military, police and militant settlers. This is as brazen a lie as when it is repeated by Putin in his own attempted ongoing genocide of Ukrainian citizens and culture.

Hamas terrorists were videoed going house to house intermittently murdering men, women, children, and babies; brutally kidnapping women, unarmed men, children and babies. Hamas terrorists were videoed driving pickup trucks full of their gunman who were then randomly murdering women, men, children, the elderly in the streets without second thought. It brought back historical memories of the genocidal events committed by Nazi Germany, it’s apologists and collaborators.

For this there is unconditionally no justification.

The Hamas deluge did not at all prioritize military installations; it did not target police stations; it did not even target overtly illegal and militarized Israel settlements which also often have military outposts nearby. And the horrific claim by Hamas, its apologists and collaborators that about any Israeli citizen outside of established cities and towns count as ‘extremist settlers’ is insane.

That Palestinians and Palestinian apologists are repeating and broadcasting this propaganda and lies cannot be allowed to be further spread without being directly challenged and confronted. Anything else would just be more of the exact same false equivalence journalism for which the American media has tragically become so well known.

The realist is that the Hamas terrorist deluge avoided more specific military targets but when they were unavoidable as was the Sderot police station. Would any nation who was similarly and brutally attacked accept ‘de-escalation’ or immediate calls to an immediate truce? It’s not logical, it’s not supportive of Israel but it does support and abet Hamas and their enablers.

I’ve seen comments in the Times of Israel accusing writers making such broader observations to consider the PA as ‘bastions of peace.’ This is nonsense. Israeli Jews and the Diaspora will also need to take a long look in the mirror. A hard reality is that actions by Netanyahu, his increasingly violent and hard Right coalitions leading up to the current collection of Jewish extremist/terrorists have, in fact, acted for their own ‘nefarious’ power purpose.

Netanyahu and his coalition governments have, just as has Hamas’ long standing actions, worked to simultaneously skew their own power alone. And both have done so largely independently of the needs and security of their respective citizenry.

I wouldn’t remotely suggest or infer Netanyahu had any expectation of such a massive, vicious deluge by Hamas terrorists. That there was a massive intelligence breakdown is clear. How that breakdown may have been supported remains to be seen and will require another long hard look.

But some sort of breakout move by Hamas could also not only have been expected but predicted. And that it has now happened, even if to a degree of horror which could not have been anticipated, it cannot be considered independent of the long-standing symbiotic relationship with Israel’s militant hard Right and Gaza’s militant hard Right. That is, a symbiosis now fully broken by Hamas terrorism and their enablers.

A final observation — for now — is based on comments made this morning by General Mark Hertling, former Commanding General of United States Army Europe and the Seventh Army, who I consider among the least political and most pragmatic military commentators currently on CNN or MSNBC.

The general observed that inasmuch as Hamas’ terrorist deluge was long and meticulously planned, they’ve also most certainly moved Gazan command and control, military locations and resources to different locations in Gaza than Israel has previously recognized or known.

What this means is that about all information Israel has had previously, or thought it had previously, about Hamas in Gaza is most certainly no longer valid. It has most certainly changed. The question for now is how Israel plans to use this new reality to include that Hamas is holding so many Israeli hostages.

That Israel has declared war is to be expected. That Israel is planning a major operation in Gaza to target Hamas is also expected — and sadly valid. But Israel cannot just mow it’s way through Gaza. Among the many unique qualities to Israel and the IDF is that even with the brutality it has too often visited in Gaza, the IDF has consistently tried to advise and warn Gazan civilians. It has tried to target more carefully.

That the IDF has most often tried to be very deliberate and cautious must not change.

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I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.
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