A Memo to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President,

Your “Deal of the Century” has made quite a splash here in my neighborhood, the State of Israel. While it offers the Israelis and the Palestinians an intriguing deal, it is based on a particularly flawed premise.

As a successful businessman, you are certainly aware that experience is the best teacher. One learns more from the school of “hard knocks,” than from any academic setting. Thus, to see the basis of the flaw in your deal, we must examine some of your recent experiences. For the last three years and more, you have been subjected to a campaign to ruin your reputation and to remove you from office by a group of people that have been described as suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). This almost uncurable disease is in part based on a political ideology that has taken on the characteristics of a religion. Consequently, those with TDS, who are also radical, left-wing progressives have spent the last three years accusing you of all kinds of things based on lies. They have consistently lied and cheated in presenting their case and have engaged in a form of “civilized” terrorism to achieve their goals. The Russian hoax and the impeachment debacle are examples of the first method, while the attempt to discredit Justice Kavanaugh is an example of the “terrorism.”

This brings us to the flaw in your “Deal of the Century.” Just looking at Mohamed Abbas and Saeb Erekat and the other Palestinian leaders you would think that they are rational, civilized people, looking out for the welfare of their people. However, don’t be fooled by the suits and ties. Look beyond their Western civilization appearance and you will find people who are radical ideologues committed to Islam and to the most destructive tenets of this religion. Like those in America infected by TDS, the Palestinian leadership believe in Jihad. They believe that the entire Middle East, especially, Israel, belongs to Islam and to the followers of Mohamed the Prophet. Everyone else is a dhimmi, a second-class citizen who can never enjoy the benefits of the “faithful.” Thus, the Palestinians cheat, lie and engage in every form of violent terrorism.

A rational leadership would welcome the “Deal of the Century” with open arms. What better way to put an end to the bloodshed and to finally raise your populace out of poverty and into the twenty-first century. But they are not rational. To an extent, they believe their lies. They erroneously claim to be the indigenous people of “Palestine” – read, Israel – and they even claim that George Washington killed the Indians because they were Muslims. Indeed, they wrongfully accuse you of being the front man for the Israelis, presenting a deal that is not your idea but was written by the Israelis.

Thus, do not be surprised that Abbas and Co. reject the “Deal of the Century” and did so even before any details were announced. In fact, if he were to agree to the deal, he would be killed almost immediately. Think of how Joe Biden has tried to be more left that the Left.

Sad to say, this flaw, an “all-or-none” attitude that has destroyed every peace agreement with the Palestinians (and with the Muslims, going back to Mohammed) will doom your valiant attempt.

So, rather than pushing it. Admit that the Palestinians have missed another grand opportunity and enjoy your success in other places.

About the Author
David Derovan lives in Israel with his growing family. He recently published "Tales of Mystery, Magic and Chassidim," fictional tales in which the Rebbe teaches authentic Chassidic wisdom. Available on Now retired, David has taught Torah for over 50 years, on all educational levels except pre-school.
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