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A Nation God Loves Cannot Be Destroyed

Jerusalem Israel 06/05/2024 Parade of flags in the Jerusalem Day celebrations (Photo: iStock Getty Image by Teo K)
Jerusalem Israel 06/05/2024 Parade of flags in the Jerusalem Day celebrations (Photo: iStock Getty Image by Teo K)

Today marks the 253rd day since Israel has been at war. Thousands of rockets have been launched at Israel by terrorists from neighboring countries. Millions of people have chanted slogans supporting these terrorist attacks all over the world. The ICC has red-flagged Israel.

But Israel has not stopped. The people of Israel have remained steadfast in their spirit. They have not broken their promise. They are fighting to bring hostages home and to destroy Hamas.

What fuels this unyielding fighting spirit among Israelis?

If we look at Israel with our naked eyes, we may not find the answer. But if we look through the lens of history, we will understand why the people of Israel possess such a fighting spirit.

Israel’s resilience is rooted in its history and faith.

God chose the Israelites, and the present citizens of Israel are their descendants.

From the Egyptian Pharaoh to the Babylonian Empire, the Seleucid Empire to the Roman Empire, and modern Nazi Germany—who could stop these God-chosen people?

Not only that, but Jews were also severely persecuted in many European countries. They faced expulsions, forced conversions, and massacres in England, France, and Spain (notably during the Spanish Inquisition).

They still exist.

Since the birth of the new State of Israel in 1947, Israel has faced numerous attacks from various Middle Eastern states.

Against all challenges, Israel has not only survived but thrived.

Is there any way this nation can survive without fighting?

I was not surprised when the ICC prosecutor, Karim Khan, requested an arrest warrant for five people, including Netanyahu. I knew it would happen.

Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant were leveled with Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, and Ismail Haniyeh. These top Israeli leaders were equated with the people who massacred innocent people in Israel on October 7 and still are continuing their mission to destroy Israel.

No doubt, comparing Israeli leaders defending their nation to terrorists targeting civilians is fundamentally flawed.

The Egyptian Pharaoh is gone. Rome is gone. Hitler is gone. Hamas and Hezbollah will go soon. The ICC’s fate will not be different from that of others.

History shows that those who stand against Israel meet their downfall.

Many times, Arab nations have lost, and many nations will lose if they go against Israel. The ICC will lose soon.

The more Arab nations neglect the truth that these Jews are God’s chosen people, the more they will lose again and again. It is not an emotional claim that a nation God loves cannot be destroyed. Rather, it is historical proof.

Israel’s strength is not just in its military might but in its faith, unity, and steadfast belief that they are fulfilling a divine purpose.

Throughout history, Israel has shown perseverance and resilience. They have always survived against all challenges. This enduring spirit is a reflection of their belief in their divine mission and their commitment to their homeland.

No one can destroy them. Israel will win.

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Purna Lal Chakma is from Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, one of the most persecuted Christians. He studied M.Th. and has 14 years of experience pastoring in an Islamic-majority country like Bangladesh. He is an experienced person about how radical Islamists see Christians and Jews. He also knows how Islamists think about Israel. Now, he is just a simple travel blogger in Tokyo.
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