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Can America Determine What is Good and Bad for the World if it Can’t Differentiate Between a Man and a Woman?

Throughout history, America has demonstrated remarkable strength when confronted with global threats. After the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor, the US joined joined the Allies and played a vital role in defeating the Axis powers. This decisive act of courage and responsibility not only brought an end to a devastating war but also established the United States as a global leader committed to justice and peace. In the wake of the September 11 attacks, America decisively demonstrated its resolve to confront terrorism head-on. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, targeting regimes that harbored terrorists, were undeniably controversial but exemplified the unwavering commitment to fighting evil.

America is currently facing a cultural identity crisis, where debates on gender identity and political correctness dominate public discourse. Some argue that this confusion hinders our ability to confront injustice and uphold justice. The focus on inclusivity and political correctness, while commendable, often sparked polarized debates that overshadow more critical issues. Unfortunately, many Americans, in particular young students, are unaware of the imminent threats of protecting radical Islams. One does not need to read history books in order to recognize that a powerful, united America is indispensable for global stability. When America is strong, democracies thrive, and people worldwide are safer.

The great Winston Churchill once said, “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.” This statement shows a profound understanding of the struggle between good and evil. Throughout history, the world has often pressured Israel to back down instead of defending itself. Now, America is urging Israel to engage in negotiations with one of the most brutal, militant, and radical Islamic groups in history. A true leader and ally would support us in our fight against evil and provide the assistance we need. A capable leader will remain steadfast in the face of unreasonable protests from angry, entitled, and uninformed students. The leader of the free world should not be swayed by the fact that these students lack self-awareness and are causing a commotion on social media.

I love America and still respect what she stands for and represents. During my many visits, I have met good, patriotic Americans who understand perfectly what Israel is going through. Since October 7th, America has been sleeping and doesn’t understand what Israel is dealing with. I’m afraid that only something vast and scary will wake them up, and I’m worried it will be too late. To reclaim its leadership, America must reaffirm its commitment to it’s own values, recognize diverse contributions, address global threats, and confront evil. It requires unity, clarity, and substantive action. America’s ability to lead depends on navigating internal challenges while standing against global threats to become a beacon of hope and justice to the whole free world.

About the Author
Yehuda Lapian is a community manager at the Peace of Mind program, working to support IDF veterans in their transition to a healthy civilian life. Formerly an advisor at the Knesset, he worked to strengthen the relationship between Israel and America and inspire influencers to learn the truth about Israel. Yehuda graduated from the Ma'ale Gilboa Yeshiva and Elul Program in "Beit Prat" and had the privilege of getting to know Rabbi Sacks Z"l, who motivated him to move to Tel Aviv and to stay in Israel and be connected to tradition. Yehuda recently completed 120 days of service in Gaza. Since returning, he's been speaking publicly at different demonstrations and TV channels about equal drafting in the IDF and helping post-traumatic veterans. A lover of books and movies, a competitor for the Israeli ice swimming team, and although usually losing, playing chess online.
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