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A new name for a new day

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As we begin to invest in the dividends of peace, the returns of full normalization are expected to exceed all projections.

The Avraham Accords has paved the way for Israelis and Arabs alike to start talking about our homelands as part of a greater region.

Leading scientists, writers, athletes, entrepreneurs, even hotels and tourist destinations will no longer be identified as exclusively Emirati, Israeli, or Saudi, but by the great region they are a part of.

Places like Asia, Latin America, North America, and Europe pool their numbers to entice investors. A mayor of Warsaw, Poland doesn’t just attract a Canadian tire factory with the allure of local benefits. It parades huge facts like being part of a $16 trillion 27-nation European economy.

We never had that here. We could only offer international capital national benefits. Expansion was always an uphill battle.

It still is.

The completion of the Avraham treaty can now define a region spanning from the Mediterranean Ports of Haifa to the Abu Dhabi Ports along the Arabian Gulf  — and all points in between.

That’s a $2 trillion region, greater than all but 7 nations on earth.

The UAE can attract finance and energy investment. The nation of Israel can attract high tech and water desalination. Our new region can attract all of it, anywhere.

Welcome to our great new world.

But what do we call it?

Burying a Colonial Relic

The nations of the east of us call themselves “Asia.”

Those countries to the west of us call themselves “Europe”

Go a little farther and you have “America,”

We don’t have such a name. We are named for a chunk of the map:

The Middle East.

We were force-fed this monstrosity the British Colonial Office in 1850, referring to us as the middle east portion of their empire spanning from Hong Kong to Canada, with London as the center of the world.

The British Empire has done enough damage here. The sooner we cleanse ourselves of every colonial trace, the better.

A New Name for a New Region

North and South America derive their name from Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer who was the first to declare that the new world was, in fact, a continent.

That’s America, exploring new frontiers with bold ideas.

Europe derives its name after a beautiful young woman who had sex with the Greek deity Zeus. That’s Europe, promiscuity and idolatry at every corner.

We need a new name for our new region.

Something that represents the ancient and the modern, the holy and the worldly, the One G-d Who unites all of us under His Absolute rule.

Our passions have been at the root of over a century of fighting. Now they are going to power us to the top of mankind.

Our combined GDP is currently what China’s was in 2004. It took them 15 years to rise within a hair’s breadth of #1.

We will do it faster. Jews and Arabs will transform the cradle of mankind into civilization’s greatest mountaintop. We just need something to call it.

Any suggestions?

David Ben Horin is a marketing manager for a high-tech company based in Hadera. He is the developer and writer for Highway 60.=

About the Author
David Ben Horin is a marketing manager for a high-tech company based in Hadera. He is the developer and writer for Highway 60.
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