Michael Berezin
Michael Berezin

A new season and a new chance

Summer is behind us and with it all the lazy excuses that came with it. You know what I mean.. we all did it. It was too hot to go outside. We were too tired to exercise because we were out in the heat all day. “My kids drove me crazy!” etc. There are more examples and many of them were and are really great excuses. In truth though in the end they are in fact simply excuses and the rationalization of our ongoing procrastination.

We all covet positive change yet for so many of us it proves to be consistently elusive. It can’t be a matter of ignorance. Who amongst us doesn’t already know that exercise is important, makes us feel better and is the key to a longer happier life?

The answer is that we need to start playing the game of life smarter and with more forethought .

Step 1- Start early

Whatever is most important to us usually happens within the first hour after we wake up. Exercise is important do it as soon as you can. That way it happens. When it gets pushed off to later more times than not it doesn’t happen.

Step 2- Get someone else involved

The buddy system works. It creates accountability and is a continuous motivator

Step 3. Do something that is challenging and also fun

If you hate the kind of exercise that you are doing it wont last. For some people what works is going to a gym for others its working with someone privately or on their own. Others like classes or sports. What is important is that you find something that you love that pushes your endurance as well as your strength.

Step 4. Stop sabotaging yourself with bad choices

If you go to bed late than you will spend the next day doing your best to just get through it. Finding time and energy for exercise becomes pretty much impossible. When we eat unhealthy and at off hours our sluggish bloated bodies will not want to move. If much of our  time is spent hanging out online finding more free time for exercise becomes that more daunting.

Step 5. Utilize the power of positive momentum

After you finish reading this do something that involves moving. Anything!

It should never be all or nothing when it comes to exercise. Even one exercise for 30 seconds will bring you that much closer to doing that same exercise again or something else that involves body movement. Conversely not doing anything or holding out for “enough” time to exercise more times than not leads to not doing anything.

By making these changes in our day to day lives we can all turn the tide and succeed where we haven’t succeeded before.

For help getting started or if you want to take your routine to the next level check out my website or call Michael 054-625-0269. There is a program for everybody.

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About the Author
Michael Berezin made Aliyah from New York in 2003. He is a Fitness Trainer/ Fitness Therapist based out of the Jerusalem area. He works with everyone from Pre Army age to Older Adults.
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