Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

A Peace Plan In Progress – Section Six – NJ Victims’ Tribute; A Newly Formed “Beit Din” In Response To Impeachment Decision


NJ Victims-

This was a lead story appearing in TOI Wednesday, which described the thousands of people paying their respects to slain Jersey City policeman Joseph Seals.

I was impressed by the many good things said about Seals, among them was the following-

Outside St. Aedan’s Church, retired Jersey City police officer Glenn Gualtieri remembered Seals on Tuesday as being “extremely conscientious, well-liked, a dedicated professional,” adding that Seals’ mild-mannered demeanor went against the stereotype many have of police officers. He noted that Seals, who was white, served in communities where distrust of the police by minority residents is a fact of life.

“Sometimes in different communities, you’re not always the most popular person, but there are a lot of people who are good people who have nowhere else to turn when it comes to crime, and they look to the police to give them a little peace of mind. And Joe did that,” he said.

Seals was also a “family man,” neighbor Joe Vuocolo told WABC. “He loved his children, did everything with them.”

Seals, a member of the Jersey City Police Department since 2006, was promoted to detective in 2017 and worked to take guns off the streets.

Leah Minda Ferencz

Ferencz, 33, owned JC Kosher Supermarket with her husband, who was not inside when the shooting began.

The mother of 3 was described as a “pioneer” by the United Jewish Organizations (UJO) of Williamsburg and North Brooklyn.

“She and her husband were of the very first to relocate from Williamsburg, due to the sky-rocketing prices of housing, to settle in Jersey City,” read the statement from UJO.

“They did not do it for themselves, but to pave the way for a new community that lives harmoniously with their neighbors. She was a caring and nurturing mother for her three children, and at the same time helped her husband who ran the first kosher grocery in the area,” continued the statement.

“A life of selflessness, and dedication to others, full of love, was cut short by vicious hate-filled murders,” it concluded.

Miguel Douglas (also known as Douglas Rodriguez)

Miguel Douglas was a store employee, married with an 11-year-old daughter, who had immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador.

Williams Machazek, pastor of Iglesia Nueva Vida, told Douglas was married with an 11-year-old daughter and had moved to the U.S. from Ecuador and was working at the market to support his family.

“He was a devoted husband, friend, and father one woman wrote. He was a God-loving, honest and hard-working person was who always available to help others. He had been working at the store for about a year before this is devastating and unexpected loss,” she wrote.

Moshe Deutsch

Moshe Deutsch was inside the store getting a sandwich when the shooting erupted.

His father, Abe Deutsch, is a board member at the Williamsburg/North Brooklyn UJO.

The organization said that he “followed in his father’s footsteps and devoted his spare time and energy to help organize the UJO Passover food distribution and many other acts of kindness.”

Deutsch also was a volunteer at New York City-based Chai Lifeline, which offers support for seriously ill children and their families, and served as a volunteer in their annual cycling event

“Moshe embodied the very best of Chai Lifeline, said Rabbi Simcha Scholar, CEO of Chai Lifeline.

When Will This Stop?

So time and time again, good people continue to die at the hands of terrorists, and it seems to be getting worse instead of better.

But I always want to look on the bright side, because I know that G-d has a plan, and it just seems very strange these terrible things happen without any end in sight.

But with this latest attack on US Jews, I wonder if G-d is trying to send us a message.  Especially given the fact that for the third time, a Jewish woman named Leah has been killed in a terrorist attack outside of Israel; Leah Holtzberg, 11 years ago and Lori (Leah) Gilbert Kaye as well as   Leah Minda Ferencz twice within roughly the past seven months.  But in Israel itself, during the past 15 years, I have not discovered anyone named Leah being a victim in reference to my previous Blog.

Those Three Victims Named Leah And Two Women Named Lisa

Lisa Beamer And Lisa Jefferson

Lisa Beamer and Lisa Jefferson made headlines after Flight 93 had crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, slightly more than 18 years ago during 9/11. It was widely thought that the conversation Lisa Jefferson had with Lisa Bremer’s husband Todd, while Flight 93 was being hijacked, played a major role in saving the building that Flight 93 was most likely on course to destroy – The US Capitol

A portion of that conversation went as follows-

After several minutes of talking to her calmly Beamer’s voice suddenly went up slightly. He told her the plane seemed to be going down then it went back up and seemed to be making a turn. Beamer asked Jefferson to recite the Lord’s Prayer with him and she did.

Then when the plane seemed to take a dive Beamer said “Oh God Lisa.”

Jefferson had not told him her first or last name at that point. When she did Beamer offered that Lisa was his wife’s name too. He also mentioned their two sons.

“I asked if he wanted to be connected to his wife and he said no that he did not want to upset her as they were expecting their third child in January” she recalled. Instead he asked her to call his family and let them know he loved them “if I don’t make it out of this.”

Jefferson promised that she would.

Jefferson told Beamer she would stand by him and stay on the line as long as he wanted her. Shortly after that she heard an “awful commotion” of men shouting and women screaming.

The last words she heard were Beamer speaking to someone else. “You ready?” he said. “Okay. Let’s roll.”

A few days later Lisa Jefferson was able to talk with Lisa Beamer-

“My office sent her a letter on Friday when the FBI gave us the okay to talk and it said she could call me or I could call her when she was ready to talk. She ended up calling me at home Saturday morning. I was caught off guard” Jefferson said.

“She called me crying. It was emotional as I explained to her the conversation I’d had with Todd. At first she was upset but later she thanked me for comforting him” she said. “She called me a rock and a pillar of strength and thanked me for being there to comfort him.”

All Five Had Similar Names And Similar Character Traits

All the above-mentioned terror victims named Leah had similar traits in that they were very involved in the activities of their community and it is difficult to understand why Hashem would want to end all of their lives at such a time when they most probably had many more years to contribute to their families and the Jewish nation.

Lisa Jefferson and Lisa Beamer also seemed to be very similar caring people just by listening to them talking about their respect for each other, and the mutual feelings they had when showing compassion for all the victims of Flight 93.

But the point is that these three women named Leah who died in a similar manner were all heroes. Each and every one of them had a kind heart and were role models, and so it’s hard to understand why their lives had to end so suddenly, so tragically.

And another observation arises regarding a link between Lisa Beamer , Lisa Jefferson and the victims named Leah. Of course, each name begins with “L”. But I want to point out that Lisa Beamer’s husband Todd begins with a “T”.  That is very interesting when looking more closely at the funeral of Lori Gilbert Kaye.

The Names Todd And Tzemach

On July 9, I wrote a tribute to Rabbi Tzemach Cunin who had suddenly passed away a few months after the Chabad Of Poway tragedy. His father, Shlomo Cunin, gave a very moving eulogy at Leah Gilbert Kaye’s funeral. Little was Shlomo to know that only a few months later, he would be in mourning for his son.

Tzemach was a very special person by all the outreach he did following in his father’s footsteps. So again, the question arises why Tzemach had to pass away so suddenly. Tzemach also starts with a “T”, the same as Todd.

Parshat Vayishlach – Leah’s sons Shimon and Levi Take Revenge On Shechem For Dinah

In last week’s Parsha, we have the story of Dinah, Leah’s daughter being abused by Shechem, the son of Chamor. When Dinah’s brother’s heard of this, they became very angry and decided to take revenge for the way their sister Dinah was treated.

To devise a clever plan of when the right time to carry out their punishment, the brother’s convinced those guilty of this misdeed to be circumcised. And on the third day, when they were in the greatest pain, Leah’s sons carried out the punishment by attacking the city and killing every male with his sword.

With The Terrorist Attack On Jersey City, Could Hashem Have Now Formed A “Beit Din” , “Police”And “Military”  To Enforce Punishment In The Heavenly Court Above?

A Court or Beit Din requires three members to be considered valid

With the most recent terrorist attack in New Jersey, the fact that a woman named Leah is killed for the second time within such a short time span, is something we have to pay attention to. But with the other attack on the Chabad House 11 years ago, this makes up a Beit Din, or three members required in court before a decision can be made. And all three have the same name Leah, who was the mother of Shimon and Levi in the Parsha we read last week, referred to above. Shimon and Levi carried out the punishment those men deserved for raping Dinah.

Police –

Joe Seals was promoted to detective two years ago, and was most likely performing that same duty when he was killed.


The first person most likely to be killed in the 9/11 attacks was named Danny Lewin referred to in my previous Blogs. His service in the same unit responsible for the Entebbe rescue makes his qualified to be the commander.

The Impeachment House Vote

Whichever way you slice it, something very fishy took place in the House by passing an impeachment vote. A major part of this process was behind closed doors not open to the public. This was totally unacceptable.

Much time has been wasted by House members and it is still unclear what President Trump did to justify his impeachment.

Without any indication that Congress is holding any formal investigations against House members who refuse to clarify family history and identification documents as well as fraud and tax evasion charges, this is unacceptable. And perhaps this explains why suddenly it appears there is a possibility of judgment coming down from this Beit Din that has been assembled and ready to proceed.

But When Would Be The Most Likely Time That This Process Begins?

The Dreidel And The Name Tzemach

Let’s take a close look at the Gematria of the dreidel

If we have a dreidel made outside of Israel, the letters appearing are-

Nun = 50                      Neis = Miracle

Gimmel = 3                     Gadol= Big

Hay = 5                            Haya = Happened

Shin = 300                        Sham =There

Translation = Big Miracle Happened There = Total 358

But if our dreidel is made in Israel, here are the letters that appear-

Nun = 50                            Neis = Miracle

Gimmel = 3                          Gadol = Big

Hay = 5                                Haya = Happened

Pei = 80                                Po =  Here

Translation  = Big Miracle Happened Here = Total 138

Gematria For The Name Tzemach –

Tzadik = 90

Mem = 40

Chet = 8

Total = 138

Therefore we see that the name Tzemach and the four letters on the dreidel used here in Israel, have the same Gematria.

Could it be then that with Hanukah starting Sunday night, we will be seeing something special happening from this newly formed ‘Beit Din”?

Shabbat Shalom

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