A Poll on Control

Every day it seems that more polls are taken throughout the country in order to determine the feelings and thoughts of the Israel public. One of the most well-known and respected pollsters is that of the Van Leer Institute.

In a survey taken yesterday it revealed, surprisingly, that 71% of Israeli Jews believe that our government’s control over the Palestinians is immoral. But 66% responded that there does not seem to be an alternative.

Concerning control over the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria, 78% of Israeli Jews stated that it is not good for Israel.

Interestingly, the poll revealed that 78% of Jews and 93% of Israeli Arabs agree that “a peace with people of other faiths is an important value in their religions” and 51% of the Jews who took part in the Van Leer survey and 72% of the Israeli Arabs agreed that their respective religious leaders, rabbis, priests and imams “should take part in making decisions relating to peace”.

The numbers represent the responses of the general Jewish and Arab public and are not the sentiments of the politicians.

Yesterday, two rockets struck Tel-Aviv from the Gaza Strip. One fortunately landed in an open space while another was “neutered” by the Iron Dome. Happily there were no injuries  and no destruction.

While Israel will assuredly respond with full force, the question still remains: who fired the rockets ?

Hamas strongly denied the rocket attack. Other terrorist groups in Gaza also denied it. Someone  is lying but quite honestly, I don’t think that it, as my gut reaction, was the work of Hamas. They do not want an escalation leading to another open war with Israel.

Yet, Israel holds Hamas responsible for every attack that emanates from the Gaza border which they control.  It will be the task of Hamas to determine the source of the rocket attack on Tel-Aviv but it will not prevent a full response by our military forces.

We are leaning toward a full invasion of the Gaza  Strip which will involve demolishing many buildings housing Hamas offices as well as civilian homes  . Gaza’s infrastructure will be hit hard and there will be many deaths.

In wars, civilians should not be harmed but since Hamas uses human beings as their shields, both will die.

I was pleased to learn that our major political parties are united on one vital solution. That is the targeted assassination of Hamas personnel.  Our IDF will search for them, find them, and kill them.

That is what most Israelis want…to put an end to Hamas’ long tyranny and terrorism once and for all time.

It would be wise for Gazan citizens to leave their homes and find shelter in mosques, churches or Red Cross shelters in order to avoid being hit by bullets or bombs. Without the human shields it will be easier for the IDF to shoot to kill Gaza’s terror leaders and supporters. And with a reduction in the loss of civilian lives, we cannot be condemned by the U.N., the E.U. or the Vatican for responding to an attack upon a major city in our country. We have the recognized right to defend our lives and our property.

Wars create more refugee problems. Where can the Gazans flee? Who will accept them? Not Egypt. Not Jordan.  Not the Gulf States or Emirates. They can only flee to the desert and die.

In this effort, it would be helpful if Abbas’ Fatah would invade Gaza and re-take control over it. We can live with Fatah but never with Hamas.

The forthcoming Purim holiday is a reminder of our enemy’s failed intention to destroy us.

This Purim when Megillat Esther is read aloud and when we shake our raashanim…our noisemakers.. let us add the name of Hamas to the name of the villain Haman, as we pray for the same fate of our Agagite enemies.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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