A Prayer

We pray for the souls of those lost
And the hearts of those fighting

We pray that the spirit of democracy soar
And that freedom, marrying right to responsibility, echo through fear and disease

We pray for the memory of those who knew changed borders
For those whose courage crossed oceans to start anew
and for those who kept worlds of tradition alive

We pray for every family separated by war but united in hope
For those waiting on line to leave and those hiding in cellars to stay
We pray for years lost and miles gained and for every nuance and iteration of bravery

We pray for leaders who know strength and humility
For countries that extend aid and welcome
For those who eschew comfort for cause
For the heroes that persevere, lighting paths of right and glory

We pray that cool heads refuse support to evil
That madmen suffused with unholy anger and ego fall hard
That we stand together as one against tyranny, and see liberty and love ring together once more

About the Author
Judi Zirin is an attorney and freelance writer in the New York area.
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