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A Slap to Israel and a Hug to Castro

As Bernie Sanders continues to surround himself with malcontents, anti-Semites and all sorts of liberal fanatics, he decided to further prove that he is no friend to Israel or the Jewish people by declining an invitation to attend the AIPAC conference. His logic, much like most of his ideas, is deeply flawed. His sycophants and apologists will no doubt stand by his decision, but this act is utterly distasteful. Sanders shunned this conference because he believes that the Netanyahu government is hostile and abusive towards the Palestinian people. This is deliciously rich coming from Sanders, who has a long history of praising all sorts of dictators that waved the red banner of revolution. To add insult to this, Bernie Sanders recently spoke on television and once again found an opportunity to praise Fidel Castro and his murderous regime. This from a man who laments human rights and human dignity? Hypocrisy much?

It is dumbfounding to see how many people are falling under the sway of Bernie Sanders and his lunacy. It is even more disheartening to see people overlook his disgusting views. He takes every opportunity to condemn the United States and Israel, yet this very same individual waxes whimsically about the USSR, the Cuban Revolution and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. The man is an outright socialist extremist, yet he hides this face behind a mask of equality, justice and change.

He loathes the United States and Israel, two democracies that continuously strive to better themselves and the world at large. Yes, the United States and Israel have their flaws, as all nations do. But Bernie Sanders riles up the masses at his rallies by labeling the United States ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, and ‘xenophobic’. He likewise uses equally bombastic labels to describe Israeli leaders. And yet he has the gall to praise Fidel Castro, a man who executed his political rivals without a second thought and ruled Cuba for decades with an iron fist. While Soviet Jews were languishing throughout the country, Bernie Sanders took it upon himself to celebrate his honeymoon there. As his Jewish brothers and sisters suffered under the boot of Soviet totalitarianism, Bernie Sanders raised his glass of vodka and sang praises to the sickle and hammer.

This is not the visionary we need in the United States.

As the clock slowly ticks closer towards November 2020, it is vitally important that people take pause and examine who Bernie Sanders actually is. This is especially true for the Jewish Americans that are rushing to sing his praises. Bernie Sanders has gone out of his way to show his true colors, and it is high time that people take him at his word. When Representative Ilhan Omar was called out for her anti-Semitic ramblings, Bernie Sanders rushed to defend and embrace her. She is now campaigning on his behalf. When Representative Rashida Tlaib spouts nonsense and slander against Israel, Bernie Sanders stands by her side. And when Jeremy Corbyn, the failed leader of the British Labour Party, allowed anti-Semitism to spread unchecked throughout that political entity, Bernie Sanders pledged solidarity with him and his ilk. And now he shuns an conference that brings both Democrats and Republicans together at an event that seeks to keep Israel safe and secure. The snake is showing its true colors.

His decision isn’t at all surprising given that he prefers the company of anti-Semites and Israel bashers, but it should give pause to those within the Jewish community that are currently blindly following him. Bernie Sanders, like Karl Marx before him, may be ethnically Jewish but his links to the community ends there. He is no friend to the Jewish people, nor is he any sort of friend of Israel. He may say this and that, and he may now parade his Jewish ethnicity in an obvious ploy to garner points with voters, but his actions prove that he is no ally or friend to the wider Jewish community.

How many more dictators, anti-Semites and fanatics must Bernie Sanders cling to before people wake up and see him for the disaster that he is?

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