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Doron Almog and Eran

In 1984, a son who they named Eran, was born to Major General Doron Almog and his wife Didi. Sadly, the child was severely disabled, lacking fibers to connect the two halves of his brain. Eran learned to walk but never managed to speak. Despite the intensity of caring for his son for the 23 years of his life, Doron’s father took on the mission of helping the disabled children of others too. At that time he was chairman of ALEH NEGEV, a residential medical and rehabilitation facility west of Ofakim.

Doron Almog credits his wife and his in-laws with shouldering the bulk of the burden. He was however, an extremely involved father who took his son, Eran for frequent medcal treatments as his wife could not bear to see her son suffer, Trying to lead him forward and bring a smile to his face was Almog’s daily mission.

Major General Doron Almg said that his son taught him two important lessons: the first was about love, Almog admitted that he’d always believed that love was about the desire for a woman, but, he learned that love was a commitment – a commitment to someone totally dependent on you, on your health as well as on your good will.

The second lesson he learned from Eran was about ego.  ‘If one is self confident, then one can be proud of a child no matter what because you have confidence and pride in yourself. IF your child is very ill or disabled or suffers from a mental illness, there can be shame as well as stigma because you dreamed of bringing a healthy child into the world and your dreams have fallen apart.’ Eran’s parents chose to go on with their lives as best as they possibly could.

Eran died at the age of 23 of an unrelated and rare illness. His father continues to volunteer for ALEH

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Jill volunteers for ENOSH, the Israel Mental Health Association and received a prestigious award in the Knesset for this work in Jan. 2012. She has written books, been included in two Anthologies, one in Israel in Hebrew and one in Canada, and has had articles published in the USA,England and Canada.
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