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A Walk Down Memory Lane

“The reason we Jews survive is that the cowards leave us.” [Professor Albert Einstein]

April 26, 2016: The Algemeiner published,” The Phenomenon of Jewish Self-Hatred.” by Joseph Puder. He acknowledges how sadly, some of the Jews who “leave us” were unable to carry “this burden” and became the most vicious enemies of the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel. However, many self-hating Jews, have not returned.

Noam Chomsky, whose self-hatred extended to supporting neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers such as Robert Faurisson enjoys support among anti-Semites and anti-Zionists .Chomsky’s most ambitious book about the Jews and Israel, published in 1983, entitled “The Fateful Triangle; The United States, Israel and the Palestinians” attempts to review the history and current status of the Arab-Israel dispute as well as the role of the United States as his warped mind sees it.

The Electronic Intifada’s mission is to delegitimize and destroy the state of Israel. Another front runner with an identical mission is Ilan Pappe whose venom authored, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine [2006]”. An outsider would be horrified to learn that this self-hating Israeli-Jew taught at Israel’s Haifa University. Israel’s failed democracy makes this possible unlike the majority of democratic countries.

Pappe and Chomsky are viewed as true academics. They have been active in the most viciously anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic gatherings. New Republic describes Pappe as “One of the World’s Sloppiest Historians.” Both are still alive today.

In the same year, 2006, Mark Steyn’s “America Alone” appeared on the book shelves. With reemergence of radical Muslim anti-Semitism, it serves to recall the past. On Page 143, we read, “Now cross to Israel, to Haifa on a Saturday night in 2003: nineteen diners were killed in a packed restaurant by a twenty-something female suicide bomber, her hair attractively tied in a Western-style ponytail, to judge from the detached head she left as her calling card.”

At the time the only place in the modern Middle East where Arabs and Jews coexist, is in Israel, especially in Haifa. The restaurant young Hanadi Jaradat blew apart had been jointly owned by an Arab family and a Jewish family for40 Years! “It would be interesting to know whether it was targeted for that very reason.”

Back in February 2002, Robert Fisk wrote a column headlined, “Please Release My Friend Daniel Pearl”. It followed a familiar line: please release Daniel, then you’ll be able to tell your story, get your message out. Taking him hostage is ‘an own goal of the worst kind’ as it ensures he won’t be able to get your message out, the message being–Fisky presumed—‘the suffering of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees, the plight of Pakistan’s millions of poor.’ etc.

Somehow the apologists keep missing the point: the story did get out. Pearl’s severed head is the message. It was a huge hit as it got out very effectively.

One has to wonder why Mark Steyn did not add the case of Malka Roth, who was murdered in the Sbarro pizzeria suicide bombing on August 9, 2001.Her parents have been fighting for years to ensure that Ahlam Tamimi who aided the suicide bomber is extradited from Jordan to stand trial in the US. 20years on and still no justice!

In addition, in giving comprehension to his coverage of Islamic terrorism, he could have included the Café Hillel suicide bombing of Dr David Applebaum and daughter Nava on September 9, 2003. Both died. The doctor’s accomplishments speak for themselves. While in New York, attending a conference on terror attacks just one day before he was killed, he let staff in Jerusalem gently know that patients were not being treated in a timely fashion, Shaare Zedek nurse Nechama Kaufman told The New York Times. Despite the fact that his daughter was to be married on Wednesday, Applebaum spoke at the conference on the Monday.

Previously, in 1986, the Israeli Knesset gave Applebaum the Quality of Life Award for treating terror victims on King George Street in Jerusalem, while bullets continued to fly around him.

INQUISITR published, “Organized Treachery vs Organized Hypocrisy: A 35-Year Study of Israel’s Dysfunctional Government “by Wolff Bachner on November 18, 2013. This paper takes the form of a question and answer debate with Paul Eidelberg “in the chair.” By way of an introduction, there are few Israelis, who are able to speak with more authority about Israel’s dysfunctional government than Dr. Paul Eidelberg has been “the voice of one crying in the wilderness “imploring Israel’s leaders to draft the nation’s first Constitution and to replace the current system of Proportional Representation with individual elections for each member of the Knesset.

The following questions and answers form a brief extract of this lengthy discussion.

Wolff Bachner: How did you become involved in the attempt to reform Israel’s chaotic system of government?

Dr. Paul Eidelberg: I was invited by a member of a Knesset party to present my proposals for constitutional reform. My proposal for a presidential system was accepted by the leader of that party. However, my more provocative to make MKs individually elected by and accountable to the people in district or geographic constituency election was ignored.—-In the final analysis , any method which affects the relation between the rulers and the ruled is a question of power. I wanted to shift from parties to the people, whereas the leaders of the parties wanted to maximize their own their own power. Aristotle taught this 2,400 years ago and so did the Americans in 1987.

Wolff Bachner: Didn’t you also draft a proposed Constitution for Israel? What became of that project?

Dr.Paul Eidelberg: I drafted a Constitution for Israel in 1994 on my own initiative.

Wolff Bachner: Dr. Eidelberg what are some of the most serious flaws in Israel’s political system?

Dr.Paul Eidelberg: The truth is that 65 years of this “system” has engendered the shoddiest politics. In the 1999 elections 29 Knesset Members hopped over to rival parties in order to obtain safe seats! Israel’s political “system” is a disgrace as well as a disaster, and only the ignorant along with self-serving politicians want to preserve this.

Wolff Bachner: How does Israel’s system of government differ from that of the United States, for example?

Dr. Paul Eidelberg: First and foremost, the 435 members of the House are individually elected

by and accountable to the voters in district elections. It should be also emphasized; no Israeli PM has ever been removed from power by a Knesset vote of no confidence. This means that Israeli Prime Ministers can ignore public opinion with impunity- and they have done so repeatedly since Oslo 1993.

Wolff Bachner: What specific changers have to be made to Israel’s political structure to prevent elected officials from betraying the will of the electorate and to restore sanity and stability to the various institutions of government?

Dr. Paul Eidelberg: The only way to do this is to replace Proportional Representation of parties by making its members –hence MKs individually elected by and accountable to the voters in constituent elections the practice [in my last study] of 80 out of 84 democracies.

Wolff Bachner: You have also expressed great concern about the Justices of the Supreme Court of Israel, who have become a law unto themselves, acting without restraint to limit the authority of Israel’s elected officials as they reshape the nation to suit their own far left, post –Zionist ideology. How did Israel’s judicial coup d’état occur?

Dr. Paul Eidelberg: Israel has not only flawed politicians but also flawed political institutions – and this includes Israel’s Supreme Court which has usurped legislative and executive powers of government by its pernicious and unparalleled dictum that “everything is negotiable.” This dictum gives the Court the power to negate the cherished values of the Jewish people- and it has done so.   The lack in Israel of a Constitution that defines the Legislative and as well as the Executive powers of the government renders the range of these powers extremely vague – so much so that the PEOPLE have no idea of what is permissible or impermissible.—- But here is the coup de grace. In 1992, a coup d’état occurred in Israel without the public knowing having the gravest idea of what was in store for the Jewish state.

In that year the Knesset enacted Basic Law: Human Freedom and Dignity. This so-called basic law was enacted by the absurd vote of 32-21 i.e. with less than half of the Knesset’s membership voting! This was act of judicial despotism for which Israel may thank the Court’s President Aharon Barak —-famous or infamous for his dictum “everything is justiciable”.

Paul Eidelberg is undoubtedly Israel’s guru on Israel’s failure to secure a true democracy. Some further efforts amongst the many for those who rebel without any form of comprehension of the given subject.

[a] Arutz 7, August 15, 2013: “Israel Democracy –It is no wonder that so many citizens feel powerless to affect government actions, such as preventing the freeing  of terrorists or capitulation to Obama-Abbas.

[b] Ariel Center for Policy Research – Policy Paper # 79: Making Votes Count: They Don’t in Israel. “So long as Israel lacks district elections, it will limp from Jerusalem to Washington, until it collapses.”

Now, for the naysayers labeled, as the opposition.  At the head, we have a former Israeli PM, Ehud Barak. On September 20, 2023, The Times of Israel quoted him saying “overhaul opponents could die but predicts no civil war”. Further, “[The protest movement] will not stop. We will block this attempt on the life of Israel as a democracy and we will win this battle.—–It might take time, some people might lose their lives along the way. I told the people we will have to face toil, and sweat and tears, hopefully no blood, but there might be some violence; [it] always comes from the right-wing.”

An examination of this idiot’s resume clearly provides an understanding of his bitterness. During September 2023, Politic hicks featured Barry Shaw’s, “Who is funding the Tel Aviv Protests? And is it legal? In the body of the Op-Ed, we find, “Ehud Barak in a recently revealed video, incited scenes that would include Jewish bodies floating on the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv as part of a coup in which he promoted himself as its leader.” How demented?

The Jewish Press published Martin Sherman’s “Egregious Ehud” on 20 Sivan 5776. His opening, “Rather than an indictment of the ruling coalition, Barak’s recent ‘fire and brimstone’ address was a harsh condemnation of the Israeli electorate for its infuriatingly stubborn refusal to disregard past experience.”

In Barak’s tirade, he managed to invoke virtually every pejorative adjective in the Hebrew language to brutally berate the Netanyahu government, which he characterized as “weak, flaccid, raucous, devious, and extremist, that has failed again and again, to ensure security—-it has undermined the fabric of Israel democracy, failed in managing relations with the US and in shaping Israel’s image in the world; it repeatedly misses diplomatic opportunity, suffers from paralyses in effectively managing the conflict, even in the absence of any partner.”

On the other hand, The Jewish Press posted, “Netanyahu: Opponents of Judicial Reform ‘Crossing Red Lines’ by David Isaacs on February12, 2023.”Further, he said, nobody can deny anyone the right to demonstrate. “However, there cannot be calls to violence, to act violently, to call for civil rebellion, to compel people to strike, who do not want to do so. This is forbidden.”

On February 7, 2023 organizers of mass Saturday night protests against the reform plan called for a nationwide strike. They received backing from opposition leader Yair Lapid of the Yesh Atid Party. The same Lapid, who elected to visit the US officials and Jewish organizations for the purpose of negating PM Netanyahu’s efforts.  At times, he sounded like Ehud Barak. However, Netanyahu was able to engage Elon Musk in an intensive interchange.

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Alex Rose was born in South Africa in 1935 and lived there until departing for the US in 1977 where he spent 26 years. He is an engineering consultant. For 18 years he was employed by Westinghouse until age 60 whereupon he became self-employed. He was also formerly on the Executive of Americans for a Safe Israel and a founding member of CAMERA, New York (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and today one of the largest media monitoring organizations concerned with accuracy and balanced reporting on Israel). In 2003 he and his wife made Aliyah to Israel and presently reside in Ashkelon.
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