The woke left BDS campaign against Israel dooms all Jews

As you read this essay, please keep this one thought in mind: in today’s new woke left world of terror, there’s an insidious plan to destroy Israel and our survival as Jews.

Recently, in Durham, NC, a resolution was stealthily presented (and quickly passed) to stop the training of the Durham, NC police department by Israeli military and police forces. Since there were/are no plans for that training, on its face the resolution may appear to be meaningless. But, at its core, and by it’s passage, it is an absolutely, chilling, anti Semitic act to single out Israel (and no other country). Shortly after the resolution’s passage, covert permission was given for overt acts of written and spoken anti semitism (which seem to be protected by the First Amendment but which would not be tolerated if the speaker or writer were White and the recipient of the vile hatred were Black). Thinking Jews in Durham are in shock and have a right to be very afraid.

Other overt acts of anti Semitic terrorism, in the United States, are coming out, on the streets of Brooklyn, NY against Orthodox Jews, on college and university campuses, in the press, and even in the halls of Congress (check out AOC and The Squad). Interestingly, all of these acts are on the heels of Trump bringing more Arab countries to peacefully accept Israel. And, also, interestingly, the more Trump moves to bring Arab countries and Israel together, the more he is vilified here.

The growing anti semitism in the United States is craftily disguised as Woke plans for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. BDS is also a part of the original BLM charter. That original charter has been placed in cold storage, for the time being, until BLM feels safe enough to revive it. Again, just until it’s safe to openly hate Jews, BLM is economically and politically courting liberal Jews. The “movement” has done this, is doing this, by saying that the original charter is no longer part of “the movement for racial equality”. If you believe that, please contact me for some prime ocean front property in Arizona.

While BLM keeps the original charter under wraps, it has other forces working to see if BDS will fly here with the general public. The Durham, NC resolution is one such test. The BDS proposed curriculum in the California public schools is another. AOC declining an invitation by Israel to attend a peace rally in honor of Rabin -without anyone in the “Democratic” party blinking- was (and is) still another. If enough tests are passed without sufficient opposition, mark my words, here, in this blog and other places wherever I can sound the alarm along with others who see the terrifying danger, BLM will bring out the real charter and agenda of the group and liberal Jews who supported the group will be given a twisted choice:

Because BDS is on top on the BLM agenda, if a Jew supports BLM then he or she has to support BDS, which means the destruction of Israel and eventually his or her own destruction. If a Jew doesn’t support BDS, then he or she will be considered an enemy of BLM (and thus considered a racist against Blacks AND Palestinians).

In the former scenario, Jews will become enemies of Israel and, thus, they will be cutting off their only escape route, if anti semitism worsens here. In the latter scenario Jews will be considered enemies of the anti Semitic left and will be putting themselves and their loved ones in a position of war (or compliance to be killed) with those seeking to destroy them.

If I have to pick my poison I’d much rather be considered a perceived “enemy” of the anti Semitic left….because if they kill me for being an “enemy”, at least I’ll go down fighting for what is right and I won’t be aiding and abetting the real enemy in trying to destroy Israel and all Jews.

BDS is -pure and simple- an anti Semitic, economic, “movement” of warfare against Israel. The sole purpose of the movement is to destroy Israel. Please keep this in mind: just as BLM is now considered a “movement” with BDS motives, the Nazi party, like most historically sinister “movements”, that seek to divide us, always seem to move on Jews as the cause of the problems.

And, now the woke and BLM plan is that, if Israel is destroyed -through BDS- then we, as Jews, will have nowhere to turn when the “movement” circles back to destroy us.

The sad thing is that, given liberal or progressive Jews’ foolhardy inclination to be open minded first, rather than self protective first, such Jews, by forgetting history, allow their brains to fall out. That brainless decision places all Jews, including themselves, in danger.

Jews have always been guests in another country. Since 1948 we have had our own country -which means that if things get bad elsewhere, we don’t have to be guests elsewhere.

This independence has infuriated anti semites for the last seventy plus years and although, because of Trump, the Arabs today are accepting Israel, (which is why anti semites despise him) other forces are trying to pull those alliances apart, by making Trump out to be a monster and at the same time by setting up a trap for all Jews.

If the anti-Semites can destroy Israel and, at the same time, make the Jews out to be either complicit in Israel’s and their own destruction, as perceived enemies in their guest countries, they will have nowhere to go except into slave labor or ovens.

And those anti Semitic forces, now setting out to destroy Israel, a Jewish homeland, when all other gates will be closed to us, are gearing up to set this trap right under our supposedly “democratic” noses.

The only way to stop this madness is to take a stand against BDS, which means to take a stand for the survival of Israel and, thus, for ourselves. To do less is to be complicit in the destruction of Israel and our own genocide. To do more is to insure that the groups, causes, and politicians we support, openly support Israel and all Jews.

We definitely have to do more with our voices and our votes, but more may also involve fighting for the survival of Israel and Jews. I was born during a war for freedom from tyranny and I’m willing to die in a war for freedom from tyranny. If that’s what doing more means, count me in, because to do less is for us to be less than human in the minds of our enemies.

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