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By the Grace of G-d


Been reading many articles these days, with the same basic message: October 7 was terrible — therefore we need to give Palestinians a state.

What they mean is, that in order to prevent such a terrible thing from happening again, we need to make Palestinians happy by giving them a state.

It doesn’t make sense. Giving away land is what enabled and caused October 7 to happen. How can something which caused a catastrophe, be a means for preventing it?

One writer acknowledged that Hamas took over Gaza, which had been given to the Palestinians. And the way he dealt with that inconvenient fact, was by writing that hopefully it won’t happen again.

I once heard about a professor who talked about one of his theories. A student said, “But professor, the facts don’t agree with the theory.” The professor answered, “Well, so much for the facts.”

“Give away land and all will be well,” insist some so-called progressives. “But it was already done, and October 7 happened,” you tell them. “Well,” they reply, “so much for the facts.”

Actually, instead of: “October 7 was terrible — therefore we need to give Palestinians a state,” there is a different approach: October 7 was terrible, and it could have been much worse. The entire country was open to crazed terrorists. All of Israel was in tremendous danger. By the Grace of G-d, (as terrorists became sidetracked, and as heroic first responders rushed to the scene), many people miraculously escaped the clutches of monstrous murderers. Therefore, we need to show our appreciation to the Almighty, by following His directives in Torah, as transmitted by our sages. Namely, to not give away any land, because, it can open the land to our enemies. To eradicate the murderers. To not be afraid of anyone, even if the whole world screams at us. Because when it comes to our survival, October 7 taught us that we rely only on G-d, not on the “kindness” of the nations.

A professor, who wanted to demonstrate how drinking alcohol can harm one’s health, once put a worm in a bottle, poured in some vodka, and the worm died. “What does this teach you?” he asked the class. One student replied, “That if you drink alcohol, it will kill tapeworms.”

It depends on how you look at it.

What does October 7 teach us? Actually, it depends on how you look at it.

Right now, the prime minister and most every Israeli are looking at it intelligently, and in sync with their strong sense of belief and trust in G-d. And soon the entire world will understand and recognize and honour the holy Jewish nation, as they defend the land that G-d gave them, as He protects them.

The land in which, very soon, the third and final temple will be built, and all the nations will see and understand and accept G-d as King of the world.

May it happen very soon.

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