“After Saturday, comes Sunday.”

“Jews, go back to Poland!” A Jewish student on television recounts the experience of taking final exams while hearing the calls to exterminate his people outside the classroom.

Let us change for a moment the discriminatory slurs against Jews, which have now become acceptable hate speech at American universities, and change them to: “Blacks, go back to Africa”; “Muslims return to Arabia”; “LGBTQ+ hide in your closets”. Unthinkable, right? Would it be allowed if a KKK group made a human barricade and prohibited black students from entering their own universities? Of course not, and with just reason; but this is precisely how the “activists” are segregating the Jews these days, claiming their actions are justified due to the situation in Gaza. Where are the college authorities sanctioning these illegal conducts? Negotiating with the offenders,  that have the chutzpah to demand they don’t get expelled. Inmates are running the jails!

It is ironic that these protesters would have no freedom of speech in the authoritarian regimes they glorify. It is time for the LGBTQ+ “FOR Palestine” to go protest “IN Palestine”, and understand that there they would have already been beheaded and thrown from the terraces of buildings for their sexual orientation.

Pro-Hamas feminists: To those of you that feel very chic and progressive covering your faces with a keffiyeh, while being free to uncover any other part of your body; how about raising your voices for fellow women, oppressed in the authoritarian regimes of the Middle East? Yes, for those victims that have been beaten to death by the “morality police” for wanting to feel the femininity of unveiling their hair, even if for a brief moment.

American protesters: Six out of the one hundred and thirty-six still held hostage in Gaza are also U.S. citizens, but not once have you showed solidarity to them. Paradoxically, you are too busy illegally occupying buildings, while protesting Israel is an occupying power, in the land that they are actually indigenous to. Your manipulation claiming your protests are peaceful, while violating the most basic civil rights of Jewish students, is despicable. You twist the truth just like Hamas; while self-righteously  purporting you are some sort of Martin Luther King Jr., who is probably turning in his grave, because he knows the critical role that Jews actually played in the fight against racial discrimination.

These pathetic but dangerous attention seekers,  have received congratulations from Hamas terrorists and the Houthis in Yemen. They must be doing something really evil to receive such praise.  Their parents, even though they pay expensive tuitions, cannot buy them critical thinking. Most of their learning actually comes from TikTok University, where communism chooses their content. Maybe if they accepted the invitation that has been sent out to them to study in Yemen and Iran, they will learn to appreciate the freedoms they take for granted.

An internet user, upon seeing the vandalized statue of John Harvard, commented that this university was already “conquered.” It reminded me of when Hitler “invaded” Austria, without opposition and amid applause. With equal enthusiasm, these universities have aligned themselves with the Islamic caliphate. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Often I wondered if during World War II there had been social media, would more Jews have been saved during the Holocaust? I naively wanted to think like Anne Frank that “…in spite of everything, people are really good at heart.”.  After October 7th, the answer is evident: it would have been worse. The misinformation and manipulation of media are largely responsible for the increase in antisemitism. Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, would likely adjust his infamous phrase and now say, “If a fake news is repeated enough times, it becomes the truth”.

There is an Arabic saying: “After Saturday, comes Sunday.” More than stating the obvious, Islamic radicals mean  that after killing the Jews – who sanctify Saturday -, they will continue with the Christians – who celebrate Sunday.  They are after all “infidels”,   including the “woke” ones (could those please wake up?), the useful idiots (even if they are enrolled at elite universities), and those who now feel a sort of collective shame for being  white (misfits desperately trying to belong).

Let’s not get confused. These protests at U.S. campuses have little to do with what is happening in Gaza, and everything to do with the Islamization of the West. This explosive antisemitism, which has spread faster than Covid and has now reached pandemic levels, is more than a Jewish problem. The enemy has been investing in areas such as academia for decades. They placed their bets to indoctrinate sheep, and it is yielding results. It is no coincidence that the tents used to illegally occupy the college campuses, are practically identical and they appeared simultaneously throughout the United States, and now in other countries around the world.

The enemy has unmasked itself, even if hiding behind a keffiyeh,  cowardly seeking impunity in anonymity. The question is: What will the free world do about it? Will it allow itself to be conquered again, as in centuries past, by the true colonialists, imperialists, and oppressors? Or will it awaken from its self-destructive lethargy to rescue its liberty?

About the Author
Attorney at Law in Guatemala, Harvard Law School LLM ´99 (when that university was worth something), Honorary President of the Jewish Community of Guatemala, Activist.
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