Jonathan Rafael Michanie
Israel activist and Middle East Analyst

All eyes on the White House: America’s next President

With the rapid unfolding of caucuses and primaries throughout the states, soon both parties will present their presidential nominees for the final campaign. Voters however; seem to disagree as to the priorities that the president should face once he assumes power in January 2017. While Democratic candidates provide more information as to how college tuition will be lowered and how Obama Care will be expanded, Republicans are asking more questions as to the growing threats of ISIS and the clear foreign policy based on: ” the recession of national interests”, which has been instituted by the incumbent President and his administration.

This policy has been very clear in the past seven years in stating that the US will no longer assume the leading role in maintaining peace, stability, and freedom. The policy was first seen in the political betrayal of a decades old ally in Egypt; Mubarak. It was seen again in the failure to act on the administration’s imposition of a red-line concerning the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian Civil War. Once more in March 2014, when Russian forces annexed the historic Crimean Peninsula, not only providing Putin with access to the Black Sea, but allowing a significant and strategic ally of NATO to be invaded by a sovereign nation. Lastly, the most alarming foreign policy pursued by this administration has been the elimination of sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran and the infamous nuclear-deal. Under this deal, millions of dollars funded by American tax payers are financing the uranium enrichment pursued by the fundamentalist regime, as well as to providing the freedom to seek economical prosperity, followed directly by a surge of regional and international power.

School is expensive, medical care should be reviewed as well as improved, and American veterans are not receiving the rewards that come with sacrificing life in the name of patriotism.These are all crucial and fundamental policies which shape American society and should in no way be disregarded. My opinions do not allow me to align myself with a specific political party, but the existential threats are irrefutable. However; domestic prosperity cannot be achieved if there is a lack of stability in the international community. In turn, stability will not occur if we fail to support our policies with actions. Stability will not exist if we fund the major force financing, and leading the encouragement of worldwide terrorism and radical Islamism. Lastly, stability will not happen if our allies are disheartened by the lack of commitment to the very own values which have built the pillars of Western society.

All eyes of the world are looking on the changes that the White House will experience in the upcoming months. The Middle East has become the “powder keg” of the twenty-first century, Russia’s Putin is driven to reconstruct the glory of the Soviet Union, and our allies desperately demand leadership. America’s policy needs to change. Retreat is no longer a viable option.

About the Author
Jonathan Michanie was born in 1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina. He lived in Miami, Florida where her completed his undergraduate degree from Florida International University in Political Science, with a focus in Middle Eastern Affairs. Former combat paratrooper in the IDF and holds an MA in Diplomacy and International Security from IDC Hertzeliya.
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