All things Israel and all things Maryland… the blizzard and the poof

Do you know what the difference is between snowstorms in Israel and snowstorms in Maryland?

In Israel…

life starts.

In Maryland…


life stops.

And what do they have in common…

Weathermen who mostly don’t do a great job of forecasting.

For those in Israel, I hope that you have Maryland like snows.

For those in Maryland, I hope that we have some Israel like snows which shut everything down for days.

Here is to winter somewhere.

About the Author
Jane Zweig is an independent analyst and rainmaker who loves Israel. Jane's background hails from the high tech sector, where she worked consulting with Israeli start ups, large companies, financial institutions and the government sector. Jane is currently working with Middle East analysts and Israeli fashion designers to spread their message and products to the United States and the world. She also works with The Jewish Federation of Howard County, Maryland on its soon to be launched Israel speaker series as well as co chair of the 2015 Journey to Israel sponsored by the Federation. Jane lives in the great State of Maryland, which is neither here nor there, but she is very proud of where she lives and Maryland's ties to Israel..both personally and independently.
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