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Allergy Mom’s New Cookbook and The Date Lady With Cindy’s Corners

A New Allergy Friendly Cookbook

More of us are faced with the issues of entertaining and even preparing meals that fit everyone’s dietary needs. And, as more people look for options in varieties of easy, cost-effective and healthy, a new Cookbook by Megan Lavin explores creative options.

We all have had at least one challenge with dinnertime dilemma of what to cook. Add food allergies to the mix and it can feel near impossible to feed your family when it seems like almost everything is off limits. Megan Lavin, author of AN ALLERGY MOM’S LIFESAVING INSTANT POT® COOKBOOK, has spent years developing and testing recipes that cater to the immense amount of food allergies in her family, and is now sharing her favorites in this essential resource of healthy, delicious and effortless dishes that are free of the top-8 allergens.

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“I hope with the ease of the Instant Pot® plus my allergy-friendly recipes, you can once again look forward to making dinner,” Rachel writes in the introduction. “You can feel comfortable inviting company over for dinner because you can be proud of your allergy-free dishes. You can stop feeling as though you’re stuck in a continual rotation of boring food.”

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology lists these foods as the most common triggers of allergies/intolerances: cow’s milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts and wheat. All of the recipes in AN ALLERGY MOM’S LIFESAVING INSTANT POT® COOKBOOK have been developed to avoid these eight allergens without sacrificing the food you love. You’ll find familiar favorites like Honey Garlic Chicken & Broccoli, Chile-Lime Chicken Tacos, Bread Crumb- & Egg-Free Italian Meatballs & Spaghetti, and Vegan, Nut- & Gluten-Free Mac’n’Cheese, all delicious, safe-to-eat, and quickly made via Instant Pot®.


1. Get a Move On Mains
2. Stress-Free Sides
3. Snappy Soups
4. Speedy Sweets

Megan Lavin is an allergy mom and founder of the blog Allergy Awesomeness. Her recipes have been featured on, Better Homes & Gardens and Buzzfeed. She lives in Provo, Utah, with her husband and three children.

The Date Lady

We all know about dates. We know many grow in Israel. Dates play parts in many Jewish holidays and celebrations. Dates are a “trendy” food now on both cooking and baking. Meet The Date Lady.

According to The Date Lady, Ancient Mesopotamian texts describe dates as one of the primary sweeteners of that time. In the Bible, the word “honey” can be translated from the Hebrew to describe a fruit honey, rather than the honey from a bee, and is commonly referred to as “date honey” in commentaries. Considering the profound quantity of date palms in that area, it is very likely this was indeed referring to honey from the date, or, date syrup. Although date syrup has been around for thousands of years in other parts of the world, the United States has just recently seen increased interest. Date Lady offers the most delicious assortment of products to please both the date lover or most discerning foodie including organic California dates, date sugar, chocolate spread & coconut caramel sauce sweetened only with… you guessed it, dates!

All of the products are Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Kosher!

Benefits of eating Dates:  
- Dates are a fruit rich in dietary potassium, fiber, iron and magnesium
- Dates contain a wide range of trace elements like boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc! 
- Dates have more potassium ounce for ounce than a banana 
- Dates are an excellent source of energy, and are great for pre or post workout.
- Read about date syrup and how it has more antibacterial properties than honey.

Photo: The Date Lady
Photo: The Date Lady

Date Lady Pure Date Syrup and organic Date Lady Date Sugar are both divinely delicious just as they are, or as a substitution to white or brown sugar in your favorite baked recipe.  Dates, date syrup and date sugar. The primal sweeteners made new again.

Photo: The Date Lady

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