Am I losing my mind?

We Jews only have one shelter state post Holocaust. Israel is not even the size of New Jersey. What happened in Israel on October 7 shattered any illusion we may have nurtured of Jews being safe anywhere including in the leafy New York suburbs where we must have heavily armed police outside the synagogues and Jewish schools look like fortresses. Antisemitic incidents are up 400 percent in these United States since the outbreak of hostilities. Jewish students cower with fear on a university campus as just a few blocks away the totally misguided and biased United Nations blames the Jewish victims for their tortured demise. I don’t think that their particular antiantisemitism is included in the aforementioned shocking statistic.

By now you will have seen the news that with a new speaker in place Congress passed a resolution yesterday supporting Israel and condemning Hamas. It passed by 412 votes to 10 with 6 abstentions. Among the 10 who voted against it was New York congressman Jamaal Bowman. He was the one who pulled the fire alarm but it us who need to pull it as the flames of vicious hatred lap around our ankles fueled by people like him.

There are no two sides to the story. When pregnant mothers have their live kids torn out of them prior to finishing off the child and then the mother. Rape, beheadings, executions by gunfire at point blank range, burning alive children and adults alike – the list goes on and on. There can be no moral equivalency between civilians being collateral damage when hidden behind terrorists by terrorists and civilians being purposely targeted and mercilessly hunted down by terrorists. This is not me fabricating these abominations. Hamas terrorists proudly recorded them on their body cams and phones! I care for EVERY civilian who is suffering. Ironically, I seem to care for Palestinians much more than Hamas does though when I saw the celebrations in the streets of Gaza when these atrocities played out, I begin to wonder where lines of innocence should actually be drawn.

Where should they be drawn in cities all over the world? There was never such outrage expressed against the fight for good against evil in Mosul, Dresden, or Hiroshima? Did hordes of people demonstrate in cities all over the western world in support of ISIS or Al Quaeda?!

We are angry and we are traumatized, and we cannot fathom how anybody can justify the deeds of the monsters among us. How is it possible that in this century and among civilized nations Jews are as expendable as they were 80 years ago? Germany was also civilized but once Jewish blood became cheap it flowed freely in their streets and in the caverns of depravity liberally scattered around Europe where the industrialized mass production of the murder of Jews was refined until it became ‘perfect’ or close to it.

The evil of ideological insanity must be eradicated wherever it lurks for the sake of civilization as we know it. The allies back then understood this perfectly. We must understand this perfectly and when the time comes, we must ensure that Hamas understands this perfectly. That is if any of them of have not yet realized their ambition to return to their maker. We are left with no choice other than to hasten that union.

Israel is fighting for the very core values of global democracy and decency that we all depend on for our own life and liberty. That seems abundantly clear to me- but perhaps I am losing my mind.

Stand for and with Israel. Stand against hatred and intolerance.

G-d protect Israel. G-d protect the IDF.

About the Author
Spent most of my professional career in financial services but for some years now I have been a freelance writer and photographer with a keen interest in and love for Israel. Additionally I have been very involved in civic community relations.
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