Bryan E. Leib
Pro-Israel Jewish American

Ambassador Friedman – Keep up the Great Work

I write this not as a Republican Congressional Candidate in Pennsylvania but as a Proud Jewish American and Zionist – who deeply loves America and Israel. Ambassador David Friedman is the 20th US Ambassador to Israel.

Then nominee, Ambassador Friedman, was the first in the history of the United States of America to be nominated on the same day that President Trump was inaugurated. During his campaign and as the Commander in Chief, President Donald J. Trump has showed through his words and his actions that a strong US-Israel relationship is very important to him and his administration. Nominating David Friedman to be our top diplomat in Israel on Day One, Hour One of his Presidency was a strong message. One that I wish more Jewish-American would be more open to hearing and then celebrating.

From my perspective, the Ambassador has done an amazing job representing American interests in Israel while ushering in a new era of the strongest relations ever between our two countries. Israel is our greatest ally in the region and perhaps anywhere in the world. When natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes or forest fires occur in America, Israel is always the first nation to dispatch their disaster response teams to help save American lives. When America went on the offense after 9/11/01, Israel was one of the first nations to pledge their unwavering support to help us defeat radical terrorists and extremists around the world.

Ambassador Friedman has played a very important role in strengthening our historic relationship with Israel under the direction of President Donald J. Trump. Ambassador Friedman played a critical leadership role in moving our US Embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish State of Israel, Jerusalem!

Vice President Mike Pence said this before he administered the oath of office to Ambassador Friedman: “David, your record of compassion and care for Israel and her people is an inspiration to the President and an inspiration to us all.”

It sure is! Thank you Ambassador Friedman for being the strongest US Ambassador to Israel in my lifetime. Thank you for making our ties to Israel stronger than ever before! Thank you Ambassador Friedman for showing the world what a strong US-Israel relationship looks like.

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Bryan E. Leib is the Republican Candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He's the Treasurer of the Philadelphia Young Republicans and serves as a board member of the Jewish National Fund JNFuture Philadelphia Chapter and the National Museum of American Jewish History. To learn more about Bryan, visit
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