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Amos Oz

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Since Amos Oz left us, five years ago, I feel a void in my heart and in the soul of Israeli society. He was more than just a writer to me; he was a mentor, a beacon of humanity amidst the turmoil of our existence. With his departure, I sense that a part of our notion of humanism and compassion has faded away.

Living in Israel, I witness daily the challenges we face. I see the tensions, the divisions, and I realize how much Oz’s voice is missed. He had the gift of translating the complexity of our experiences into words that touched the soul. His humanism was not a distant theory; it was a living practice, a call to understanding and empathy.

In the absence of Oz, I feel an echo of silence where there once was dialogue. His stories and ideas were like bridges between divided worlds, and now, without his presence, these bridges seem more fragile. He knew that true strength lies in the ability to listen, to understand the other, to find humanity even in the deepest differences.

Today, I feel an even greater responsibility. The void left by Oz motivates me to seek within myself the values he championed. He inspires me to be a voice of dialogue, of tolerance, in the midst of chaos. I learned from him that humanism is a difficult, yet necessary path, and that our society can only thrive if we remember the importance of mutual understanding.

Five years after his departure, Amos Oz’s legacy continues to guide me. His example is a call for me, and all of us in Israel, to reignite the flame of humanism and compassion in our lives. His absence is deeply felt, but his spirit remains, encouraging us to build a more empathetic and united future.

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Gil Mildar is a 60-year-old Brazilian who made Aliyah a few years ago. He holds a Law degree from the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos in Brazil and a postgraduate degree in Marketing from the Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and now Israel. For the past 30 years, his focus has been on marketing projects in Latin America.
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