An Extraordinary Meeting in an Extraordinary Time

Horasis Global Meeting, Portugal
Horasis Global Meeting, Portugal

Horasis, the international think-tank I’ve been working for around a year, held the Horasis Extraordinary Meeting at the beginning of the month, which was the world’s biggest online global meeting. As expected, with the motto ‘Unite, Inspire, Create’, on the same day 160 sessions were held with around one thousand high level participants. Among the participants were the leaders of 23 country leaders and 50 countries participated on a ministerial level. The meeting which took place right after the General Assembly of the United Nations with the great support and participation of the UN started with the opening speech of UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres. Mr. Guterres emphasized that in order to fix the economies, sustainable development goals and the climate change must be addressed.

Among other very important Israeli participants Eti Livni, Kira Radinsky and Maxim Pasik, Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made the speech ‘Our World in 2030’ and he said: ‘Although the major global issues can be easily identified, only strong leaderships can solve them.’ I should also add that Yossi Vardi, whom I am a big fan of, also participated. Vardi must be one the best entrepreneurs ever!

Horasis Extraordinary Meeting, which the world’s most important investors, entrepreneurs and the senior executives of the world’s biggest companies participated, had the following names as co-chairmen: Roshni Nadar, India’s most successful and wealthy businesswoman and the president of HCL, Hans Vestberg, the CEO of world’s biggest telecommunication company Verizon, Hank McKinnell, president of the credit rating agency Moody’s and Richard Branson, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time and the founder of Virgin Group.

It requires a great deal of experience for an organization -even though it’s been organizing such meetings for years on end- to arrange such a detailed program with so many participants in a short period of time during a pandemic, especially arranging an online meeting, which is new to the organization. Horasis, which has been organizing various meetings across the globe since 2005, is viewed as one of the most important organizations in its field. While ‘Horasis Global Meeting’, which is held in cooperation with the Portuguese Government on a regular basis, is considered as the number one alternative to Davos; other meetings held by Horasis are a lot more extensive than many international forums.

Horasis holds these meeting showing iron discipline and a visionary attitude, Horasis’s perception and evaluation in the eyes of international media also corroborates this. It’s safe for me to say these because I have been working alongside the head of Horasis, Frank-Jürgen Richter, who is broad-visioned and has the passion to make the world a better place. I think he is –except for some government leaders– the most hardworking man I’ve ever known.

Global meetings are essential for countries

Horasis Extraordinary Meeting was not the only meeting that took place in October, there were many international meetings as well. Such as, TNW Conference, which is the Europe’s biggest techonology conference, greek-state-backed Delphi Forum/Athens Democracy Forum and GLOBSEC Bratislava were also organized.

COVID-19 showed us that these meetings, which international people from politics and the business world participates, are essential in terms of their contributions to the world’s development, sharing of the ideas and sustainability. Even though the meetings are held online due to the pandemic, there is no need to argue that, normally these meetings make a great contribution to the city in which they are held in terms of image, prestige and publicity. There are not many alternatives which could give the same result as a successful global organization followed closely by the international media. We could clearly see this in Cascais, Bled and Davos which host many great events every year.

Lastly, I would like to reiterate that the importance of these meetings in a digital era cannot be denied. Some basic, haphazardly organized so-called ‘digital summits’ participated by some public and private organizations’ leaders -usually on Zoom- are really funny and devoid of vision. I think this needs to change.

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