An Open Letter to Mr. Amir Ohana

Amir Ohana was recently tapped to be the Justice Minister replacing Ayelet Shaked
Amir Ohana was recently tapped to be the Justice Minister replacing Ayelet Shaked

Dear Mr Ohana.

You do not know me, my name is Mitchell Akawie. I am a student at Mosenson Youth Village where you represented the Likud a few months ago on a day in celebration of democracy. At that panel there were heated moments surrounding gay marriage and adoption here in Israel, and there was a passionate reply from the representative of Yesh Atid who happens to be Harel Skaat’s husband. I cannot say that I remember your answer, however I do remember that it was defensive.

To most in the queer community your stance on gay rights does not make sense, it feels hypocritical. I cannot say that I don’t feel the same. However I do admire your position as Israel’s first openly gay cabinet minister. We have come a long way. 

I hope that in this position you find yourself able to push against your bloc’s opposition to gay marriage. The truth is Mr. Ohana that I want to get married one day. I want to get married In the land that I have made my home. I made this land my home by choice, I moved here without my parents when I fourteen years old. It breaks my heart that I cannot have a legally binding Jewish wedding here. My wedding is going to be in the Golan, it is going to overlook the Galil and it will be beautiful. I want to get married, please do the right thing; let me tell my children that the man who paved the way for me and so many like me did the right thing.


Mitchell Akawie

About the Author
Born and raised in the Fairfax suburbs of Washington D.C. Mitchell Akawie at fourteen decided to move to Israel without his parents as a member of the NAALE program. He writes about the Israeli youth experience, Oleh Rights, The Conflict, and Israeli art and culture . His interests include playing piano, guitar, and bass, along with destroying the eardrums around him on saxophone. He also enjoys writing and baking in his spare time. He currently lives at Mosenson Youth Village in HodHasharon. He is also an alumnus of Gesher Jewish Day School in Fairfax VA.
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