An Open Letter To President Biden

March for Israel Rally in Washington, DC. November 14, 2023. Photo credit: Shana Meyerson

Dear President Biden,

At the core, I do believe you are a friend of Israel. I was lucky enough to hear you speak multiple times at AIPAC Policy Conference. Your story about meeting Golda Meir for the first time is legendary. I am sure that when you looked her in the eyes that day, you understood in that moment just how imperative Israel’s survival really is.

That being said, I also believe your administration has done the world a tremendous disservice by pressuring Israel to accept a premature hostage deal that effectively abandons 188 innocent humans, leaving them to be terrorized indefinitely at the hands of Hamas, while simultaneously giving Hamas the opportunity to regroup, rearm, and welcome hundreds of Jihadi prisoners back into its ranks.

While every good human on earth lauds the imminent release of 50 women and children, anyone paying attention knows what this means for the fate of the others.

Had Israel been allowed to continue their maximum pressure campaign, Hamas would sooner than later be forced to surrender and to release all of the hostages.

But Israel is never allowed to win a war.


Under the pressure of the United States, they are always forced to step back into the existential abyss of the Middle East status quo.

And we all saw it coming.

I understand, with multitudes of rioters screaming in our streets to destroy the Jewish State, what are you supposed to do? These are your voters.

But, then again, I’m trying to remember one war (outside of Israel) where America, and in fact the entire Western World, has taken both sides of the conflict. Standing “in lockstep” with Israel, while sending hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up her enemies, which just so happen to be designated terrorists.

There is no moral equivalence between Israel and the bloodthirsty Iranian proxies that surround her. There never has been. And more than ever before, there isn’t now.

Hamas is ISIS.

They are Al Qaeda, the Taliban. They are Hezbollah.

But you treat them…like Israel.

Israel. Not just our strongest ally in the Middle East, but our strongest ally, period.

Israel, who stands by America 100% of the time, who gives us intelligence, and technology, and military support. Israel, who is fighting the world’s war on Islamic Iranian terror. Alone.

While your administration is so quick to coopt Islamophobia with the rising tide of unparalleled antisemitism that is drowning the world and suffocating its Jews, it seems the whole problem with your handling of this war between good and evil is encapsulated in this very gesture.

A quick lesson in etymology:

Phobia means “fear of.” Not “hatred of.” Islamophobia is the fear of Islamic Extremism. And it seems that your inability to unequivocally support the Jews and the Jewish State at this most horrifying juncture in time is little more than Islamophobia. A fear that if you do not pander to the violent masses of the Left, that you, too, will be a victim of Islam.

So, how about this?

Instead of appeasing the masses, educate them. Get them on your side. Convince them that maybe—just maybe—after 51 years of serving our great nation, you know something they don’t know.

Instead of saying that you “stand with Israel,” explain to the uninformed minions why you do. (And then do.) As the leader of the Free World, you have the power to turn this ship around instead of coasting along with it.

Instead of constantly repeating the very public warning that Israel (not Hamas…Israel), must make sure not commit war crimes, how about reiterating over and over to the world that you inherently trust Israel to do the right thing since she has the single most humane military to ever exist in the history of the world? And, yes, if we are going to be honest, that includes the United States.

No other nation but Israel gives its enemy 2 1/2 weeks warning by airdropping millions of flyers, making millions of phone calls, sending millions of texts, and posting all over social media for citizens to evacuate before beginning their offensive. No other nation gives its own water and fuel to its enemies, or brings its own incubators to ensure the transport of NICU babies to safety.

Oh! And every single action that Hamas takes qualifies as a war crime. There’s that.

Instead of calling for Israel to pause or cease fire, how about insisting that Hamas surrender and release all the hostages it so brutally kidnapped? The war in Gaza is utterly tragic. We all agree on that. But it is not Israel’s responsibility to save the people of Gaza. Hamas started this war, they can end it this minute. If only they valued the lives of their human shields…er, citizens. Israel takes as much care to avoid Gazan civilian casualties as Hamas does to inflict them.

Everyone who knows anything about the Arab-Israeli conflict knows that if Hamas puts down its guns, there will be peace. If Israel puts down her guns, there will be no more Israel.

And yet, you call for Israel to put down her guns. And the sad thing is: she listens.

Meanwhile, how about explaining to our terrorist-loving, antisemitic, uninformed and ignorant Marxist collegiate proletariat that Israel is, by no stretch of the definition, committing any sort of genocide in Gaza? What Israel is engaging in is something called war. In war, one country attacks another, uh, territory and all the people killed in that territory are, by definition, of one nationality. In this scenario, all the residents of Gaza happen to be Palestinian. Therefore, all casualties will be Palestinians. If Israel is committing genocide in Gaza then, by that logic, every single country that has ever waged a war has also committed genocide.

Trying to remember your illustrious history of condemning the United States armed forces for the 433.000 “violent” civilian casualties that directly ensued from our War on Terror (see: Hamas is ISIS…)

Which folds right into the apartheid lie that you take no time or effort to dispel. Twenty percent of Israeli citizenry is Arab. Muslims are represented in all levels of government, including on the bench of the Israeli Supreme Court. They have the same equal voting rights, land rights, education and medical services as every other citizen. As every Jew. They have freedom of religion and freedom of expression and—hey, wait! Sounds just like America!

But perhaps the “apartheid” the anti-Israel protestors are screaming about is the fact that citizens of Gaza and the Palestinian Territories do not have these same liberties in the State of Israel. Uh…they are not citizens of Israel. So…that is like saying America practices apartheid against the Mexicans who live in Mexico, or the Canadians living in Canada. You cannot commit apartheid across a border, against citizens that are not your own.

I could go on, but you know the story.

Please tell it.

It could even save your job.

With my best,

Shana Meyerson

About the Author
Shana Meyerson is a proud member of the Israel Bonds Women's Division National Executive Council, the World Jewish Congress's Jewish Diplomatic Corps and AIPAC. Professionally, she is an internationally acclaimed yoga instructor, based out of Los Angeles, California.
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