Ira Khrakovsky Dotan

An open letter to reality

Hello to you crazy new reality. Yesterday you drove us running to the shelter, I even lost half a pound. Thanks for that. This morning we already knew better and calmly exited to the stairwell.
That’s it, you are welcome to sober up and switch back to the pleasant bubble. Actually, wait a second, if you are already so unstable, would you mind switching into a somewhat saner version?
Come on, I’m not asking for much, just that everyone could live here peacefully and quietly. Not just the the residents of Tel Aviv, but also the people that live in the north and in the south and even our Arab neighbors. Because no child deserves to live in fear. No one.
I really want to wake up tomorrow to boring news of the hot weather, smile at my grumpy neighbor as make my way to work, drink coffee while munching a chocolate cookie so I gain back that half a pound, while giving a “Like” to yet another cat picture on Facebook.
So what say you, new reality? I promise everyone will love you better. And that’s what we all want at the end of the day, some love and peace of mind. It will be worth your while.

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Crazy reality
Crazy reality
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