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An Open Letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

An open letter to the foreign ministry: Don't turn your back on the heros who want to move to Israel

Greetings to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this wonderful, great and holy nation – Israel!

It is not my nature to write letters of influence, however I am duty-bound to advocate on behalf of my customers.

I understand the Israeli Consuls around the world have been on strike for many months now. They have even gone so far as to stop issuing visas for olim. This drastic action is ruthless and unacceptable.

Olim are the true heroes of today! They are giving up the “path of least resistance,” selling their houses, selling their cars, quitting their jobs and uprooting their children from their friends and schools.  Why?  Because of a deep and unquenchable yearning in their soul to come home. (What a profoundly beautiful and altruistic decision.)  At work, I hear their stories, sacrifices, dreams and plans; and we do what we can to help and support them.

Given, in 2013 the returning process is much easier then it once was, but for olim without visas, it’s still difficult, stressful and filled with uncertainty. I know this because I am in contact with them on a daily basis. Their emails are filled with worry and fear. These people have committed to making aliyah this summer – don’t turn your backs on them.

I have read that our modern heroes can make aliyah after they arrive, however, will the paperwork be processed fast enough? Perhaps there will be other, unforeseen problems to complicate the aliyah process. These concerns are valid and need to be recognized.

There are many would-be immigrants consumed with anxiety about their future, so please, find time in your day to ruminate on these words and resolve this strike quickly.


About the Author
Yitzhak Sasson works at Aliyah Lift Shipping and is currently making plans to improve the aliyah experience. The Sasson family made aliyah in 2009 and resides in Ma'alot.
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