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Anti-billionaires who are anti-Israel fortify the myth that Jews own the world

Andrew Yang is a good alternative
Make America Think Harder - the Yang Gang cap, suitable for shul and school.
Make America Think Harder - the Yang Gang cap, suitable for shul and school.

Left-wingers want workers and the poor to get a chance at life too. But some of them fail to see how the owning class is holding Jews hostage and is parading them around as if they’d be the real oppressors (they hardly ever are). When the working class rejects the Jews, they hand them over to the owning class that then uses them to escape scrutiny and anger meant ¬†them. When you see Jews as oppressors and not oppressed, you perpetuate the myth of Jews stealthily run the world.

This is what happens when left-wingers embrace every oppressed group but the Jews. Their disgust with Jews keeps all oppressed oppressed.

Socialism passed over the USA. Working for Americans still feels like being a slave working on a plantation. They hold that they do you a favor for taking your labor. They call the Department for Workers’ Issues ‘human resource.’ As if it’s part of their stock to pull up when needed.

So, I wish it to the US to get a democratic socialist president. But, sadly, what I consider the best president for the US seems the worst for Israel.

I was wrong on Obama. When he began his presidency, I reasoned, he’s a smart guy who has felt oppression on his flesh — he’ll understand Israel quickly. But he never did. It was so bad that, just before he had to leave the White House, he betrayed the Jewish State as no American president did before him. As I explained in dozens of details in an early blog post.

So, as a Zionist, I don’t look forward to seeing Biden continue Obama’s anti-Zionism. Or see Sanders or Warren or Buttigieg even top that.

Sanders got a heart attack and survived. He declared that he was stupid not to listen to the warning signs. I think he’s still not listening. His strongest anti-Zionist position is, could Israel be right if it receives so much opposition from everywhere? It’s like saying, could women be entitled to safety if they are sexually abused everywhere? Or, could … be smart if so many consider them stupid? Telling should be that “Squad” members, infamous for their anti-Zionist BDS support, now also endorse Sanders. His once-famous integrity took yet another blow when his campaign’s emails failed to divulge his heart attack. I understand that they want to raised record amounts of money from small donors but what about doing that honestly? Judging him more favorably would be to say that he’s still honest but simply too naive to understand the lies of anti-Zionists and greed of dishonest people working for or backing him.

Warren has just announced to want to strangle economic cooperation with Israel if it doesn’t freeze the Jewish towns on the West Bank of the Jordan. Does she want Israel to deport Jews born there? Or does she expect Israel to sterilize the villagers? Compared to Israeli Jews, she treats billionaires with kid gloves — and that is telling.

Buttigieg has said on numerous occasions very unpleasant things about Jews and Israeli Jews. The first time he apologized but he never got it. Same story as Obama: smart, knows oppression from close-by but is in the dark and hostile about Jews and seeing himself as morally superior.

I’m not discussing Biden in detail because he would lose to Trump even more so than Hillary Clinton lost from him. Sleepy stammering Joe sounds confused and old next to adroit quick con artist Trump.

I don’t envy Jewish Americans who must choose between their liberal convictions and being Zionists. As solution, I recommend a more moderate candidate. A humanist rather than socialist: Jews for Yang 2020. Klobuchar has consistently be another middle-of-the-road Democratic¬† Party candidate who speaks about Israel warmly and wisely.

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