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Antichrist as entertainment?

There is brewing, what some term as a flash point, between some conservatives and Christians verses what they label as satanic TV programming.

Little Demon, an animated series about a young girl who will discover she is the daughter of Satan, thus, allegedly the antichrist, has aroused the attention of selected groups. Some with ties to conservatism and Christianity, while others are secular.

Normally as a Middle East analyst, I wouldn’t bother giving this a second thought. Nor spending the time and energy to write a brief despite my prior years in TV, film, and the related entertainment industry. As numerous big and little screen stories have vaulted Satan, demons, the antichrist, satanic creatures, and vampires back into mainstream interest, and in some cases acknowledgement and worship.

In addition, in the past, I have openly shared my views and experiences, noting that I, my immediate family, and relatives since the 1920s, were interactive with ‘Hollywood’ and the entertainment empire. Remarking that the industry has its distinct mind-set, acceptances, rules, conduct and behavior.

Furthermore, repeating what I have posted before, I don’t feel the need to try and change Hollywood’s established pattern of ideals. Or defend my own. Rather, I normally choose to merely cherish my moment in TV and film.

However, one thing that many analysts do, particularly if they specialize in human behavior, is to profile leaders, and profile individuals known as persons of interest, seeking patterns, signs, and possible flags of danger.

This can sometimes lead to renewing or updating profiles on the dead, or hypothetical profiles of the related young, or theory profiles of a future prospective.

And, there are many people, religious and non-religious, that believe there will be some kind of ‘evil leader’ forthcoming.

Plus, some or many Satanists, some Christians, and others, do believe there is, or will be, a special, chosen, child of Satan. Perhaps, based on parts of Jewish eschatology, known better as Jewish theology of the end of days, in relation to the rise of evil kings referenced in Ezekiel 28:2, Daniel 7:24-25, Daniel 9:27, and Daniel 11:36-45.

This is further stirred by supplementary books of prophecy originally written in Korine Greek, naming the most famous associated-satanic presence; The Beast, aligned with the number 666, or what is instead globally referred to as, and commonly known as – the antichrist.

But should we really entertain or celebrate an evil king, or the prophetic creature, The Beast, known as the antichrist?

Or should we be collectively, extremely concerned about the potential of a paranormal-being?

A specific king or antichrist that is forecasted as:

  • A leader with supernatural powers and abilities, and uses them against humans.
  • Forcing people to worship itself, and has those executed who do not.
  • Perchance desecrating the Third Temple and Judaism.
  • Striving for total control of the world monetary system, currency, or source, and forces humans to obey itself, receive its mark or symbol, or they cannot buy or sell.
  • Performing actions and behavior similar to Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo and Saddam Hussein, that makes war on nations, peoples, religions, and attempts to raze the earth of its enemies, while committing mass murders and atrocities.

If Hitler would have been captured, he would have been hanged as a mass murderer, for crimes against humanity, and a war criminal. As was Tojo of Japan, and Saddam of Iraq.

In some cases, all the above-mentioned subjects and names could make viable, interesting and sometimes important studies, and maybe extended stories, movies or a series. And, periodically do.

Although, is antichrist, and what it signifies in prophecies, really a topic for ‘fun’ entertainment?

Or as an alternative, is the ‘antichrist’ better suited as a field for intense, serious, comprehensive, inclusive-representation, open investigation, of a conceivably terrifying and foreboding mystical, magical or numinous creature, king, or leader, feasibly predestined to raise havoc on earth?

Ultimately, the show producers, viewers, and public will decide.

About the Author
Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author that has been in the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean region since 1992. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But some of his abridged reports have been posted as articles or blogs. Don is also the book author of the international spy and assassin thriller, The Children of Santiago. The story is no fuzzy, cutesy story. Instead, a sobering, blunt, action and psychological account about a military general, Santiago, using child, teen and young adults as spies and assassins. Recruited from international families while on active assignments abroad during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 1990s.
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