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As India and Israel’s Ties Grow Stronger, So Does Diligence in the Hiring Process

The India-Israel relation is continuing to grow stronger. Partnership between the two countries has flourished in recent years, and the momentum of the relationship between the two countries remains strong.

Differences in perspective and a focus on expanding the relationship is key to the relationship’s success.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just completed the first visit to India from an Israel Prime Minister since 2003. The six-day visit was said to be fruitful and a huge success by both sides.

Israel and India’s cooperation will bring business into both countries, helping to expand local economies and provide jobs to residents.

The potential for job creation requires due diligence in the hiring process, especially when expanding business into new territories.

Businesses will need to be more diligent when breaking the cross-border barrier. There are great opportunities available to these businesses, but the wrong hire can tarnish the business’s reputation.

Career commitment will be an essential part of hiring the bright employee. A lot of employees are looking for the next big startup to help push their skillset further, and established businesses suffer when these individuals float from one career to the next. Employers don’t want to hire the employee that changes jobs frequently and switches careers often.

Loyalty is a hard trait to find in the workforce, but a quick look at the employee’s past work experience should indicate whether or not he or she is in it for the long-term or just seeking out the highest paycheck.

Conduct a personal background checks on the candidate to look into their past. These checks can lead to a better understanding of the candidate’s work history as well as criminal past. Background checks are vital for brands that want to maintain a good image and expand further thanks to the new Indian relationships being forged.

Position requirements are more important than ever before. Strengths needed for a position need to be determined and hashed out to find the right candidate. Startups often require an immense amount of dedication with some employees being required to stay late and work extras shifts.

The pressure and demands may be too much for the average employee to deal with. A position requiring extra hours and a high level of dedication will require someone with the strength of being able to perform under pressure, meet complex demands and reach tight deadlines.

And cultural fits will also be a major deciding factor during the hiring process. The candidate will need to fit into the company’s culture. These individuals will need to be able to utilize their skills within a company as well as adapt to the company’s culture. Social skills will also need to be pristine, especially when working with suppliers, partners and customers in other countries.

The close ties between India and Israel have the chance to help spur economic growth, and businesses that leverage these relationships will be the ones to benefit the most. Due diligence, adapting to cultural differences and hiring the right employees will play a key role in the success or failure of businesses working in the industry.

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