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At Conference, Tlaib and Omar Chose Speaker who Promotes Violence, Anti-Semitism

Popular meme about Ilhan Omar circulating the web

Of all the people Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib could have requested to speak at their press conference last month, it is telling that they chose a women with a well-documented history of glorifying violence and propagating classic anti-Semitic tropes.

Maya Harris was introduced by Omar as a Minnesota resident who was once “denied entry” to Israel.

Through tears, Harris told her story of being “humiliated” by Israeli authorities who apparently detained and interrogated her, ultimately sending her home to the United States. But isn’t this standard operating procedure for countries who bar entry to foreign travelers considered suspicious or trying to enter without a valid visa? Aren’t they quarantined and sent packing on the next flight daily in airports all over the world? Does this rise to the applied crime against humanity that Harris wishes us to believe was perpetrated upon her?

“They yelled at me for being a human rights activist and an environmentalist, but I was not told why I’m being held,” claimed Harris, deceitfully.

What Harris conveniently failed to mention is that for at least 12 years, she has been involved in virulent anti-Israel organizations. Several of these groups have well-documented ties to terrorist groups, whose founders or members have praised Hitler, posted neo-Nazi propaganda on social media, and encouraged violence against Jews.

Harris also omitted that she herself routinely traffics in anti-Semitism, pedaling blood libels and conspiracies on her blog, including the insidious and baseless accusation that Israel harvests the organs of dead Palestinians and unleashes wild hogs and hyenas into Palestinian farms.

And yet, Harris expressed bewilderment and shock at being turned away by Israel, reaching the bizarre conclusion that she was being punished by the Israeli government for her “activities in the protest of Ferguson Missouri.”

“…the only conclusion I could come up with after all of this,” she cried in a dishonest and manipulative display of victimhood.

What a transparent and disingenuous attempt to rally the Black Lives Matter sympathizers. Harris seems to have forgotten about her outspoken support of convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who was the mastermind behind a Jerusalem bombing that killed two American college students. Odeh was an operative for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terrorist organization by the U.S., Japan, Canada, Australia and the European Union.

The truth is, Harris knows exactly why she was refused. She is a national security risk, not a social justice warrior nailed to the cross by fascistic Israeli immigration officials.

Omar and Tlaib’s entire press conference was an indulgent rambling charade. Its speakers truly believe that merely making emotionally-charged claims to have been oppressed ipso facto grants the claim truth-status. It’s a twisted form of self-serving thought that disregards facts on the ground, and truly nauseating in the Sartrean sense of the term.

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