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Attempted Invasion and Infiltration Is Not Peaceful Protestation

The time has come to seriously ponder if the United Nations is living in the same world as the rest of us. While anti-Israel advocacy has long thrived in the halls of the United Nations, its recent condemnation of Israel in terms of her handling of the Gaza protests is shocking. One simply needs to review the footage of these protests to disprove the findings of the United Nations. And one only has to look at who is orchestrating these ‘protests’ to unmask the true nature of these actions.

How quickly the world community forgets who Hamas is and what they ultimately desire. The murderous group has been sowing strife, discord, chaos and murder since its inception in the 1980s. This is the group that perfected the sinister suicide bomber, and their living explosives terrorized Israel for years. We all remember the countless photos of burned out cafes, bombed out buses and blood-spattered streets. Hamas has never been a peaceful protest group, and they openly admit this. They call for blood and murder, never for peace and harmony. And yet the United Nations seems to want to paint this group as a peaceful hippie commune that wants to spread happiness and joy throughout the region. The actions taken by the United Nation only prolongs the conflict by refusing to condemn the truly guilty party. And then world leaders have the audacity to wonder aloud as to why there is no peace in the Middle East.

We must not forget the stated objectives of these protests. They are not protesting the humanitarian situation in Gaza nor are they protesting for peace and co-existence. No, they are demanding a ‘right to return’ to Israel proper. This goal will never be achieved. Hamas knows this, Israel knows this and the rest of the world should realize this. Israel is a sovereign state and does not have to open her borders to thousands of Palestinians who want to destroy her. When a Palestinian state is established in the future, these Palestinians will have a state of their own. Until then, however, they do not have the right to demand access and land in a country that is not theirs. Ultimately, then, the goal of these protests is to invade Israel in the hopes of reaping mayhem and bloodshed. How can the United Nations ignore this fact? What sovereign country would sit by and watch as thousands of people attempt to breach their borders? The answer is none. No country would abide by this reality, yet the United Nations seems to think it appropriate when it comes to Israel. This shows that many member states of that organization do not care about Israel’s legitimacy, sovereignty or security.

It is additionally asinine for the United Nations to paint these attempt infiltrators as peaceful protesters. During the initial round of protests, many amongst the listed dead hailed from known terrorist organizations. Over the past several months, countless fire bombs have devastated Israeli border communities. Where did these fire bombs come from? These so called ‘peaceful’ protesters. As it is Hamas funnelling individuals to the border, it is safe to assume that they are not sending peace negotiators and humanitarians. Yes, civilians have died during this episode, but their deaths should not mask the reality that a terrorist group continues to send individuals to the Israeli border in the hopes of breaching said border and causing chaos within Israel proper.

When dealing with a conflict, it is important to weigh intention when deeming what is appropriate and what is worthy of condemnation. When we examine the intentions of both Israel and Hamas it is quite clear who the guilty party actually is. Israel left the Gaza Strip in the hopes of ending the conflict with the Palestinians that reside there. Hamas, on the other hand, wants to break through the border and destroy Israel. Israel, then, must defend herself and the integrity and security of her border. And yet, the United Nations constantly refuses to condemn Hamas and somehow always finds time in its weekly schedules to berate, condemn and lambast Israel. This recent report only adds more proof to the already large evidentiary collection that proves its bias against Israel. But we all need to realize that they are not arbiters of peace, justice and truth in this world. Any sane individual who examines the border crisis can see the truth quite clearly: A murderous terrorist group is pushing thousands of people towards the border in order to grab international headlines to win points against Israel. It is truly as simple as that. It is a pity that the United Nations and many Palestinian apologists cannot see their glaring obvious fact for what it is.

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