About Me
Luc Bernard is the Co-Founder & Executive Director for Voices of the Forgotten He brings together his creative vision and technical wizardry in a way that maximizes the emotional and educational impact of video games. In over a decade of designing and producing video games across many genres - during which time he has received continuous accolades for his work - Luc has created countless gaming innovations and sold tens of millions of copies of his games. In 2008, Luc developed an original - and initially controversial - idea to create a video game that would teach the history of the Holocaust. Knowing the story of his maternal grandmother, who looked after orphaned Jewish children after World War II, he had detailed knowledge of the atrocities of the Holocaust. He also had a growing concern that the impact of the Holocaust was being increasingly minimized, and education about it increasingly ignored. Once he conceived this groundbreaking concept - bringing Holocaust education to a modern audience in a new medium that more people would understand - he spent another 12 years finding the right people, building the development plan, and determining the most impactful way to tell the story.