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Bernie is not a revolutionary democratic socialist but an uncompromising fanatic

Compromising with others is not for those who are partly wrong. It’s to allow for cooperation with people who don’t see completely eye-to-eye with you. Of course, you don’t compromise with Nazis or gangsters. But it is a major tactical mistake to reject softening you stand with anyone else.

If Bernie Sanders could understand that, he could be the next US president. But he refuses. His whole life he’s been uncompromising. That’s nice if you face an enemy. But it becomes dysfunctional between friends.

Bernie assumes that compromise divulges unprincipledness, corruption, and weakness. He will stand strong for the truth even if alone. He’s done so all his life. This way, he’s won much admiration but made few friends.

Unfortunately, Sanders has attracted endorsement of allies to the Arab Palestinian cause, which also is corrupted by its leaders with “we won’t make a deal.” It’s the dictatorship of those who ‘know’ they’re more right than others. But patronizing thought flies in the face of true democracy.

The next US president needs to surround himself with a whole groups of expert thinkers and visionaries, like former competitors in the Democratic race. Only a leader who doesn’t always need to be right can do that. After Trump, the US doesn’t need yet another know-it-all at the top.

Also, the US People would never elect an anti-Zionist. Playing the Jewish-ethnic card won’t make a difference. Americans aren’t stupid enough.

Biden, wash your hands with soap frequently and Jill, start decorating the White House to your taste in your mind already. The race is over.

Especially now the leadership fiasco of Trump is clear for almost all to see. His flagship stock market and unemployment figures collapse under the new corona economy. The need to pump a trillion dollar into the economy shows extra how not only immoral but also how foolish it was to give such an amount as a tax break to the super-wealthy. The Donald is done.

But just as we were scared how Trump wouldn’t have accepted his defeat in 2016, we may now brace ourselves for Sanders supporters not showing any great sportsmanship when their Democratic candidate bites the dust.

The CNN Democratic Debate 3/15/20

After writing the above, I watched the CNN debate between Biden and Sanders. From the start, with all his misspeaking and forgetting words (Ebola), Biden spoke to the point. But Sanders sounded like a broken record. Biden countered points Sanders made, Sanders just repeated himself. He doesn’t listen, he just talks. As Churchill famously said: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

Another weak point of Sanders is that he talks like a trained politician. Whatever he’s asked, he never says yes or no, beats around the bush and then only says what he wants to talk about. Biden, on the other hand, answers questions directly and candidly. The contrast was striking.

Another glaring difference was that Biden spoke about what concretely needs to happen now, while Sanders all the time went back to analyses and the big picture. They both again ignored the small stockholder who is charmed by Trump. They only talked about wage earners and the outright poor. This is a serious oversight. They already dropped this ball at 2016.

A big discrepancy further is that Biden said how he has adopted excellent points from Sanders and Warren. Sanders could not give one example of trying to woo voters with other preferences than for him. It’s in his view the same thing all over and over again: my way or the highway.

This reminds me of how my parents explained the essence of proper behavior in traffic. The goal is not to be right but to be safe. What’s the use of your epitaph saying: “But I had the right of way”? The goal is to win the election and not: to have the most absolutely perfect ideas.

Sanders kept talking about how [his] leadership is: taking an unpopular but righteous principled stand and working diligently to get a majority for that. That sounds nice but Biden’s leadership is what’s called for: uniting a leadership team and together working incrementally to a better world.

Closing the debate off, Sanders stressed (again) that the greed of the health industry must be stopped while Biden stated that this is the time to bring together the brightest minds in healthcare and do as they say. This first fights against evil, the second unites the good. Big difference.

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