Noam Bedein

Between Battlefields and Bromine: A Pause for Reflection at the Dead Sea

In the quiet embrace of the Dead Sea, I found myself returning to a familiar haven for the first time since the war. The air, saturated with the essence of bromine, sulfur, and salts, bestowed an otherworldly energy upon me, carrying 8% extra oxygen from the lowest place on Earth into my lungs, heart, and soul.

Here, in the virtue of the Dead Sea, body and soul scars could find solace, healing in the mineral-rich waters that echoed with the whispers of ancient roots. It was a profound experience, a communion with the land that stirred a deep appreciation within me, not just for the place I stood on but for the interconnectedness of all things.

As I stood on the shores, I felt compelled to reflect on the preciousness of the land we call home, or even the allure of exotic salty shores. This appreciation, I realized, was the spark that could ignite the flames of conservation and inspire meaningful action. The Dead Sea, with its unique properties, became a metaphor for the potential to return to our roots, appreciate our surroundings, and actively contribute to their preservation.

However, my emotions were a tapestry of mixed feelings. The daunting challenge of continuing the work to save this wonder seemed to pale in comparison to more immediate, burning issues on the agenda. As a sense of duty tugged at me, I recognized the need to prioritize leading civil diplomacy during wartime with ISRAEL-is—a responsibility that weighed heavy on my shoulders.

The vision of saving the Dead Sea and the environmental diplomacy cultivated through the NGO, The Dead Sea Revival Project, now seemed to belong to a utopian world. A world where crises, especially those rooted in security concerns, conflicts, and wars, could be overcome. It envisioned a collaborative effort towards a shared, sustainable future, with a particular emphasis on water sustainability in our driest region.

In this utopian world, I envisioned leading expeditions from all corners of the globe to unveil the hidden and magical wonders of Israel. The goal was simple yet profound—to kindle a love for the Dead Sea and Israel in the hearts of people worldwide. It was a dream that transcended borders, aiming to create a global community bound by a shared passion for environmental stewardship.

Yet, the road ahead was not without its challenges. The struggle to save the Dead Sea and champion environmental causes was not a mere project; it was a life-long commitment demanding patience and unwavering spirit. As I gazed upon the vast expanse of the Dead Sea, I knew that the journey was long, but the destination held the promise of a sustainable future—one where the beauty of the land and the spirit of its people endured for generations to come.

About the Author
Noam Bedein- Director & Founder of the NGO The Dead Sea Revival Project, a Photojournalist, Environmental-Arts Activist & International Speaker. Noam's work has been recognized by CNN/VR, National Geographic, NASA & The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.
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