Esor Ben-Sorek
Esor Ben-Sorek

Bibi beware Biden’s blame

The four letters “B” are a warning to what Israel might expect in a Biden presidency.

The first instance will be his recognition of the Palestinian Authority. It will be followed by the re-opening of the PA office in Washington.

After that comes his dismissal of the Trump Peace Plan and his refusal to recognize annexation of land that the plan had promised for a future Palestinian state.

He blames Israel for its refusal to negotiate with the Palestinian leadership and blames the Palestinians for refusal to negotiate with the Israelis. (He is at least not one-sided; he blames both of them).

Biden informs us that he will not cut aid to Israel. Is that aid financial support or military weapons of war?

Trump, with all his very many mistakes, is still a recognized friend of the Jewish State of Israel. He has done more than any American president before him has done. Even with his lies, he tells the truth about us. He and Bibi have a fraternal relationship and we can count on Donald J. Trump.

If Biden should win the November election it is a cause for Israel to consider thoroughly. The latest breaking news reports that he is in consultation with Governor Whitmer of the state of Michigan. She is very popular in her home state but we do not know her position vis a vis the State of Israel. We will wait to see if he chooses another woman as his running mate. One of his campaign promises was to select a woman as his vice president. He is keeping his promise.

As far as Biden’s action if elected, Ambassador Friedman may be recalled from the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and may be replaced by someone who is either neutral or lukewarm regarding the political jungle in Israel.

Biden has consented to keeping the embassy in Jerusalem rather than re-locating it to Tel-Aviv. If, on the other hand, he is forced by his cabinet to move the embassy, the one in Jerusalem will become a consulate.

Bibi may smile and shake hands with Biden whenever they meet but Bibi must be extremely cautious. Some snakes are dangerous. Beware the bite.

Biden has limited respect for Bibi Netanyahu as a person but respects him as Israel’s prime minister.

A major problem of concern to us must be the realization of a majority of American Jews who are opposed to annexation. It is a violation to them of what a democracy should be and should act.

What we hear now and may see after the November elections in America is both disturbing and somewhat frightening.

On the one hand, I preferred to see a President Joe Biden rather than a President Bernie Sanders while on the other hand I prefer to see a re-elected President Trump rather than a former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Israel cannot and must not interfere with the American elections but it must find a way to reach American Jews and putting our fears and concerns on the table. Perhaps AIPAC can be Israel’s mouthpiece.

On our side of the world Iran is the gravest threat to our security. Happily America is with us and even if a new president is elected America will continue to be with us in restraining Iranian supporters in Syria and Lebanon.

We have expert personnel gifted in the art of using cyberspace to destroy Iran’s munition factories and ports. Our grievances are not with the Iranian people who are captives in the regime of the Ayatollahs.

Prior to the 1979 revolution and the overthrow of the Shah Reza Pahlavi our relations with Iran were very good. Since the revolution and the “birth” of the dastardly Iranian Revolutionary Guards, we and they are #1 enemies.

There is a small remnant of Jewish communities still living in Iran. They are free to practice their Judaism without interference from the government.

The recent fire set in Hamadan upon the tomb of Mordechai and Esther was the work, not of the Iranian government, but rather by a hateful Iranian Muslim who remembered the story of Purim and how the Jews of Persia, mainly in Shushan, slaughtered Persians in revenge.

There is a Jewish member in the Iranian parliament who represents all the Jews in Iran.

Perhaps one day, when the Iranian sun shines more brightly in our direction, the pre-1979 relations can be resumed.

In the interim, if Biden is elected president and Bibi serves as our prime minister (or Benny Gantz), either of them must beware of the possible hazards in our mutual relations.

We have no need for nor want Joe Biden’s blame.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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