Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Bibi speaks

He said today that we need to finish the war, to defeat Hamas. And that this will protect future generations.

And he said that he will not allow a Palestinian state.

These are words that warm the heart. It means that Israel is determined to do what is necessary for security, and is not afraid of world opinion.

Meanwhile, there is an increase of terror from the West Bank, Heaven forfend. Defence Minister Gallant says that this is happening because Israel is not giving the Palestinian Authority money. Smotrich refuses to do so, because the money is being sent to Gaza, to families of terrorists.

So is Gallant right? Does it make sense to say, that the way to stop terrorism, is to reward terrorists? Also, the funds have been withheld for a while, and the terror increase occurred during the last week or so. So withholding funds doesn’t seem to have been the cause for the increase in terror.

Gallant also blames the stopping of Palestinian workers (who reside in the West Bank) from entering Israel, as a cause for the increase in terror there. But does that make sense? Would allowing workers to enter Israel stop terrorism, or would it conceivably make it easier for terrorists to enter? And the ban on workers has been in force for months; so why would this have caused the recent increase in terror?

Actually, it seems that Gallant himself has been causing the increase in terror. How so? Because he has recently been stressing that after Hamas is defeated, that the Palestinians should govern Gaza. This is exactly the kind of thing that motivates terrorists, who think that there is something to gain.

Over 30 years ago, the Rebbe said that even talking about giving away land, encourages terrorism. The Rebbe said then that the Prime Minister needs to tell the US and to declare clearly, that the rumour about giving away land is false, and that Israel will not give away any land.

Bibi needs to tell the US and to declare clearly, that Israel will govern Gaza, and that Israel is not going to give it away.

This Shabbat marks the 74th year since the Rebbe assumed leadership of Lubavitch. In the years that followed, he was a shining beacon of light for the Jewish world, and also for all the nations.

I remember when, during the first Gulf War, many were afraid, and the Rebbe assured everyone that G-d would protect Israel. Indeed 39 Scuds fell on Israel, and miraculously no one died from any direct hits. I remember seeing a picture in Time Magazine, of a person covered by debris, yet he was unharmed. The room had collapsed around him, yet he was fine.

The Rebbe predicted a year of miracles, and the Soviet Union broke up in a peaceful way, ending the Cold War.

There were many miracles, globally, and on personal levels. Many benefitted from the Rebbe’s blessings and advice.

Perhaps Gallant and others will think about the Rebbe, his wisdom and the miracles, and take it to heart. Perhaps Gallant and his friends will realize, that we need fear no one but G-d.

And this will surely hasten the complete Redemption with Moshiach. May it happen very soon.

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