Bibi, you really need to keep your mouth shut

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem, Israel, Sunday, May 5, 2019. (Abir Sultan/Pool Photo via AP) *** Local Caption *** 16.05.19
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his mouth closed. Let's hope he can keep it like that.

Mr. Prime Minister, I understand we have not had the best of relationships through the years. I mock your combover as a sign of insecurity and you double down by dyeing it various shades of purple; I write to criticize your political manipulations and accurately predict your demise and you don’t write me back. Such is life, I guess. Anyway, I wanted to give you some real political advice, and I am not charging you thousands an hour to do so. I have a great instinct for these things, always have, and I have seen your brilliance at times when you felt secure. Although with the prospect of your gilded life coming to an end in September and being thrown to the wolves by your own party, you have become unsettled and began to stumble. Of course, I am enjoying every minute of it, however I fear for my country and to be honest, the lengths you will go to in order to stay in power. Please read on.

The mystique about the Israeli security apparatus was always the thing that separated Israel from the other Middle Eastern countries, Israel never boasted and if anything, they always kept a tight lip about many operations, advanced arsenals and cutting edge-technologies. You broke that mold years ago when you began the U.N. saber-rattling and staging massive press conferences of Israel’s clandestine achievements. When you did it, of course all of Israel was beaming with pride for the brilliance of ‘our boys and girls’, nationalism roared and you seized on that to remain in power. But truth be told, it was all a mistake.

I know we have not officially acknowledged what happened in Beirut a few days ago, or Iraq last week, but you really kind of did, and got some of your cronies to use allusive words across the media landscape to not take credit with a wink and a nod. You sir, have endangered this nation by violating a clear and unwritten rule regarding cross-Arab-border missions, you have enraged a people who would die gladly for their cause, and given them clear reason to want to do so now.

I don’t blame you for Iran hating us, it is one of the few things you are not guilty of. However, you have often used your strength on defense as a campaign message, and in the last election we somehow had tensions with Hamas that flared up unexpectedly. I am not saying you are causing the factions surrounding us to act, what I am saying is you are not trying to dissuade them either. It is a fine line between being the one who fires first, and the one who goads the other into doing so – I believe you are doing the latter and I believe it will cost you the election more than being seen as a patsy and ‘Freier’ (sucker) after revoking Omar and Tlaib’s visit following a foolish Tweet by President Trump one week after approving their entry.

A couple of days ago you did good by instructing your military attaché to meet with General Gantz and brief him on the security threats facing Israel today. It was out of character and practice here, but the situation must be so dire that you needed to do the right thing and let the person who will replace you soon know what the situation is. My question about this though is, why publicize it? Confidential briefings are usually confidential, and by going outside the normal practice, you kind of alerted the nation and the world that something major was happening – seems counter intuitive don’t you think? I know we don’t know what was said and it is that information which is confidential, however come on, you know what you did. You tried invoking thoughts of “Bibi Chazak, Yisroel Chazaka” and “Rak Netanyahu” (Bibi is Strong, Israel is Strong and Only Netanyahu) because you are the guy who was strong on defense, as you have told us often.

The reason why your predecessors kept their mouths shut is because they knew that if they did something in a foreign country and admitted it, it would pose a security risk to the nation. There is no reason to publicize stealing millions of documents from Iran, they know what happened and therefore they know what we are capable of. We know and understand all too well the nature of the area we live in. Why pour salt on the wound of a culture that will go to war to protect their pride and their honor just to save-face? Why acknowledge without actually acknowledging the Baghdad bombings? The Shiite forces’ stuff blew up, I am certain them not knowing who did it would be better than them believing it was Israel. These are people who are not rational in the Western sense, these are young men looking for eternal sex with 72 of the Lord’s finest and the way they get there is to kill people like us in that Lord’s name.

The more you open your mouth and saber rattle, the more you stoke their hatred of us, the more likely it will be you who sparks the flame that will bring about the next war. You have lost the election already, the respect even your most loyal have had for you has eroded in recent weeks. So please, keep quiet and let the military and intelligence departments do what they do because for most of us living here, the military and intelligence are the true strong ones we cannot do without – and I know they would prefer you keep your mouth closed too. Thank you.

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