Bibi’s ‘Dramatic’ and ‘Special’ Announcement

Like most of the nation, I sat tonight and watched the 8 o’clock evening news on national television. It was heralded as a “dramatic” or “special” announcement from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. News commentators were standing by. The announcement was to come from the Prime Minister’s Office. No press was allowed. No questions were permitted. In anticipation of what he had announced as “dramatic” or “special” I sat glued to the television waiting to hear what he would say to the country.

At the end of his brief tirade against his “persecutors” on the Left who were eager to depose him from his high office, I wondered, as probably did most of the people who watched, what was “dramatic, what was “special” about his announcement?

For many, including the news commentators and later the published media report, it was more of a fraud. The Prime Minister was a cry-baby who accused the legal system and the justice system of hounding him and his family over false charges against him.

He accused the Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and associates for denying him the opportunity to face the witnesses against him on a televised program. What would he say to them? How would they respond to him? Nothing good could possibly come from such a confrontation. In fact, the witnesses, many who served in his political arena, would prove to be more credible than the Prime Minister.

His own former chief of staff, Ari Harow, is the foremost witness against him followed by his own party members, police and justice officials.

After listening to this fraudulent alleged “dramatic” or “special” announcement which he demanded to deliver to the people of Israel, the one and only conclusion I could reach was that he had wasted precious television time for personal gain in an attempt to tell us that he is not the “big bad wolf” but rather a dedicated leader of the nation who refused to give in to the demands of the Left.

He condemned all the media, the police and the justice department of framing him for things he had never said nor done. It was truly pitiful to listen to his angry and egoistic voice.

It is thought that the Attorney General will release the findings against Bibi sometime in the month of February in advance of national elections on April 9th. There is at present no indication of what the findings will be. The Attorney General has acted completely professional and has not given the slightest hint to what the decision may be. Guilty Bibi or not-guilty Bibi.

If not-guilty will he be re-elected in April? If guilty will he step-down from office? Until now he has stated that he will refuse to step down and the question needs to be addressed: can a sitting Prime Minister be forced to resign if found guilty? We have no precedent to provide an answer.

But we have two powers on our side. The first is the system of law and justice as guaranteed in our basic law. The second is the vox populi… the voice of the people.

He claims that he is the most hated man in Israel’s media . The press humiliates him frequently. But the press also speaks in the language of the people, of the citizens of our country. And with constant condemnation and humiliation of the Prime Minister he will not have the strength to fight his battle and will have to find a reason for stepping down.

Knowing that, I can envision the scene. Demands are made on him to resign. He refuses. He is constantly harassed and it takes its toll on him and his family. What can he do to save face from a resignation?

He will feign an illness requiring a brief hospital stay. The doctors attending him will make a public announcement that the pressures of his political crisis have weakened his heart and they have urged him to resign in order to restore his health and save his life.

Bibi will then make a statement from his hospital bed. “To the citizens of Israel.. it is with much regret that I am forced, due to the poor condition of my health, to follow the advice of my physicians and unhappily to resign from my office as your Prime Minister. You must know that this decision is in no way related to political or criminal charges against me but is made solely on advice of my doctors in order to preserve my health. It has been my honor and great privilege to have served you faithfully and honestly for the past many years . Now it is time for me to rest in our home in Caesarea together with my wife and our sons”.

In such a manner, Bibi can step-down while saving what’s left of his dignity.

The “dramatic” and “special” announcement was a fraud to whip the public into his defense.

Hopefully the justice system in our democratic country will arrive at correct legal conclusions.

Then all of us can watch the real news (not the fake news”) with London & Kirschenbaum. Nothing dramatic.  Nothing special.  Only the truth as the truth needs to be heard.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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