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Biden to Israel: Drop Dead (Unless You Do What I Say, Not What I Do)

Some of my lefty Jewish friends said President Trump threw Israel under the bus when he opined that Israel must “finish what they started, and they’ve got to finish it fast”, and Israel is “losing the PR war.” Israel is losing the public relations war because of Biden’s spineless concern for everyone but Israel, and because Biden’s wife, appointees, fellow Democrats, and legacy media parrot Biden’s anti-Israel bias. Maybe President Trump knew that Biden is not and never has been “Israel’s greatest friend” and that Biden was going to be the one to throw Israel under the bus. Pelosi and many Democrats also are not friends to Israel. “Pelosi joins call by 37 Democrats for Biden to halt transfer of US weapons to Israel.”

The lefties’ Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is as sick and uncurable as their Bibi Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Many Jewish and other Democrats support Biden’s cease-fire demand and potential cut-off of military aid. The same elites endorsed Biden’s BDS interference in Israel’s internal affairs by calling for Israeli elections when none are scheduled until 2026 or possibly 2025. After echoing Biden’s call for an immediate Israeli cease-fire, why would Blinken tell us that Ukraine will be a NATO member?

Outrage over aid-worker deaths is about saving Hamas, not civilians. All armies at war make tragic mistakes. But President Biden and Israel’s critics are cynically exploiting the incident as an excuse to shatter the alliance with the Jewish state.” Israel more than apologized for this tragic accident of war. “Israel has taken responsibility. What a concept. And what a contrast with its adversary.” Hamas has apologized for nothing and Biden demands nothing from Hamas. Israel can protect aid workers by prohibiting them from entering Gaza and by using its military to distribute necessities to Gazans who can be vetted and questioned when they collect supplies inside a tent away from Hamas eyes and ears.

A recent Patriot Post article summarizes how Biden is telling Israel to “do what I say, not what I do”:

On August 26, 2021, America lost 13 warriors to a cowardly suicide bombing attack at the Kabul airport. That attack happened as American forces were following the surrender and retreat orders of their commander-in-chief, Joe Biden. In retaliation, Biden authorized an airstrike that ended up killing a U.S. aid worker and nine members of his family, seven of whom were children. At first, Team Biden did a bit of chest-thumping over the tough response to American deaths. Weeks later, when what officials called a “tragic mistake” became undeniable, it was quietly made public as a Friday afternoon news dump.

No U.S. troops were punished for that strike, . . . no Pentagon leaders were held accountable, [and] . . . Biden certainly never accepted responsibility. . . . We rehash that history because civilian casualties are the unfortunate result of war and because the episode sheds informative light on an Israeli airstrike that killed seven international aid workers, including one American, early this week in Gaza.

Israel would have won this war by now but for the restraints Biden imposed on Israel. “’I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed,’ declared Defense Secretary Yoav Gallant two days after the October 7 massacre. Less than two weeks later, the siege was lifted, as the first aid trucks bearing food and medicine were crossing in from Egypt. By mid-November, pressure from the US and NGOs pushed Israel to reverse course on fuel as well . . . .”

President Trump executed Soleimani, and Iran cowered. Israel Soleimanied Soleimani’s replacement and now Iran threatens everyone everywhere. Although Iran does not fear Biden, Iran will likely use its proxies before it attacks anyone directly and significantly. Iran knows the U.S. takes incoming from the Houthis, only plays defense and, as with Ukraine in 2022, will not respond to any “minor incursion.” Iran knows it risks losing Tehran and more if it sends missiles into Israel. Does anyone doubt Biden will do everything possible to restrain an Israeli response to a direct Iranian attack on Israel?

Biden’s Chamberlain-like appeasement emboldened Hamas to launch rockets into Israel for the first time in months. Anyone hear a Biden demand that Hamas surrender their rockets? An intense Hezbollah rocket barrage may not be far off, in which case Biden will do all he can to prevent Israel from disappearing Beirut and Nasrallah. Syria will not want to provoke Israel into making Damascus uninhabitable given how close to Damascus the IDF reached in 1973. Jordan needs to deal with Iran’s daily efforts to destabilize if not overtly overthrow the Jordanian King’s reign. Will Saudi Arabia or Abraham Accord Gulf States supply Israel’s military if Biden and his fellow Democrats cut Israel off?

In failing to compel Hamas to release all hostages and their names, and in demanding new elections, Biden has divided Israelis and caused Israeli hostage families and others to blame the Israeli government for Hamas’s atrocities. With the greatest respect and empathy for their pain, their criticism is misplaced. While Biden may be willing for Israel to incur countless more deaths for his political gain, another Israeli government could not countenance incessant October 7ths that would follow any “peace deal” with Hamas.

Where does Israel go from here? The effect of the Biden, Blinken, Kirby and Doctor Jill pronouncements about the deaths of Gaza aid workers “depends on whether Israel eventually bows to pressure and stops short of finishing the job of destroying Hamas. But Team Biden has given Hamas a clear message: Make sure civilians die so as to pressure Israel.John Kirby says the Biden Administration still supports Israel except there are too many Gaza civilians being killed. Really? The Patriot Post commentator said: “The White House . . .  made sure to leak that Jill Biden is very upset. ‘Stop it, stop it now, Joe,’ she is reported to have told him about civilian casualties.”

Is Doctor Jill running Biden’s show? Despite her dissertation for an Education Doctorate, Doctor Jill does not seem to understand the word “complicit.” A good start is an article entitled, “Where are the innocent Palestinians? History has presented the Palestinians with the same choice as the ‘ordinary German’ during World War II.” That article asks the question, “why do so many people persist in accusing us, the Jews, of killing thousands of innocent people” and concludes: “Not every Palestinian actually infiltrated Israel on October 7th, gang-raped the music festival goers, beheaded babies, burned whole families to death, and kidnapped children and women and the elderly — but the vast majority of them were willing accomplices.” Doctor Jill, that is what “complicit” means.

Biden has seven more months to hurry up Obama’s fundamental transformation of America in his quest for another term. To Biden, Doctor Jill, Blinken and too many Jewish and other Democrats, Israel is expendable just as Jews have been expendable for millennia, including under the Administration of Biden’s hero, FDR.

Doctor Jill, there are only two sides in this war. Whose side are you on? Are you unaware that Hamas and Islamic Jihad started this genocidal war? Do you not think Hamas is solely responsible for the rapes, murders, decapitations, body mutilations, and hostages who are now dead, raped, pregnant or injured, and for the deaths of those aid workers and “innocent” Palestinians?  Or do you simply not care?

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