Biden’s militaristic aspirations will be in vain

For these purposes, he pursues them, of course. Which is, what? Votes. Votes, votes, votes.

To watch Biden take further and further steps in the wrong direction seems odd to say the least. I say this as Americans’ views on Palestinians changed over time for the better. Meaning, as Americans seem to support the Palestinian people’s aspirations of sovereignty, Joe Biden and his administration appear to stay on the level of a White House that was in office when he was sworn into office as one of the youngest Senators ever. What I mean is that his views never evolved regarding the issue. He speaks of unwavering support while Gazans are heading for a severe humanitarian crisis, at a time when, with media and communication democratized, every American voter can decide for themselves about their stance on the issue. They don’t have to rely on such propagandistic outlets as their ‘free press’, because firsthand experiences of the conflict are shared on social media multiple times a day. 

I’m trying to say that Joe Biden is misreading the room. When his approval ratings are just below forty percent, one would imagine that his primary aim should be convincing his people that he is a suitable figure, at least more suitable than his opponent, at governing. Instead, he lets his opponents emphasize his incompatibility with the office by making unpopular decisions. While it may not have as much of an effect as his unpopular actions and stances on domestic matters, there is a growing number of people caring about foreign policy, or indeed, foreign overreach of the United States

Of course, the President may not be fishing for direct votes. Maybe he is looking for some extra juice for his campaign. But at a point, it won’t matter how much money AIPAC or other PACs are willing to spend on his candidacy; unpopular actions and decisions will lead to Biden losing votes, and potentially, the election. Trump’s isolationist, nationalistic, populistic approach to foreign policy was always popular, and while I doubt this issue could turn the tide for him, the President’s aggressive, interventionist perspective isn’t helping him at a time when a majority of Americans worry about, for example, their own and the country’s finances

At a moment when the support of Congress for Israel isn’t as unwavering as it used to be, perhaps the President would like to take a second look at his stances. While he states support for both Ukraine and Israel, I’d like to reaffirm my opinion that Israel is not the Ukraine of its situation. 

For example, Ukraine is in no position of its own to besiege Russia. I’d say, quite the opposite. 

Especially now, with Israel besieging Gaza, Israel, as a state and political entity, cannot be looked upon as a victim. 

While his commitment is to the United States, Joe Biden is preoccupied with foreign matters, and not only will that lose him votes, but it is also useless from the perspective of his job description.

Seeing the huge amount of domestic problems and crises the United States has, it’s quite disheartening to see its leader give such little care to the people he is obligated to serve. 

As a foreigner, I’d like to call on him to watch where he steps and clean his garden before making cuts and comments on other people’s gardens living across town. 

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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