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Bloviating Nonsense from the Peanut Gallery

Surprise, surprise.

The tyrants of the Middle East are up in arms about President Donald Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’. These villainous autocrats are grasping their pearls, gasping in horror at the President’s attempt to foster peace and stability in the Middle East.

Turkish President Erdogan, the loon that dreams of recreating a long dead empire, condemned the plan because it was too generous toward the Israeli side. Amusing, as President Erdogan has never been a man of peace and sides openly with terrorists that seek to destroy Israel all together. It is safe to assume he is offended simply because President Trump actually named Israel in the proposal as opposed to calling it ‘the evil Zionist occupation’ or some other nonsense.

President Erdogan wears his anti-Semitism on his sleeve, and he can huff and puff all he wants. He has been sitting in Ankara for years, yet he himself has never offered a legitimate peace proposal to end the Arab Israeli conflict. Instead, he hosts murderous fanatics from Hamas and takes self-aggrandizing selfies with them.

Such a champion of peace.

It is also amusing to listen to the man condemn Israel for occupying so called Palestinian land. The Turkish government occupies Cypriot, Kurdish and Armenian territory, yet President Erdogan dares to lecture about occupation? I guess the wannabe Sultan focuses on the Palestinian issue because he wants to avoid discussing the Cyprus, Kurdistan, and Armenian questions staring him in the face. The United States and Israel should turn a deaf ear to this man’s groaning. If President Erdogan wants to be taken seriously, he should remove his troops from Cyprus, grant Kurdistan independence and make peace with Armenia. Until that day comes, the rest of the world should tune him out.

Another nonsensical voice emanating from the peanut gallery is Iran. Lo and behold, Iran likewise takes offense at this plan. Who would have thought such a thing was possible? The regional powerhouse of extremism and terrorism is upset at a peace proposal. Gasp, gasp I say!

The Iranian leadership was just as quick as Erdogan to condemn the plan. Well, good for them. Their input is just as useless as President Erdogan’s.

Iran has done nothing at all to advance the cause of regional peace. They have fomented chaos all over the Middle East, and they openly arm, train and supply terrorist groups across the region. Listening to their take on any proposal would be akin to listening to a butcher preach about veganism.

Lest we forget, Iran has its tentacles wrapped around the throats of Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria. If the Iranians want to be taken seriously, and they desperately due, they should lead by example. They proport to be the defenders of national liberation and self-determination, and so they should remove all their influence from Baghdad, Sana’a, Beirut and Damascus. But they will never do that, because the leadership in Tehran is foaming at the mouth and eagerly await to conquer more territory in the Middle East. Why should anyone care what they say about this peace plan?

The only decrepit voice shrieking from the peanut gallery that holds some shred of relevance is that of President Abbas. Oh, President Abbas. The king of Perpetual Rejection.

As was predicted, President Abbas outright refused to accept this peace plan. Mind you, he refused it even before seeing it. And this stance was to be expected as he and his allies never wanted peace to succeed If they did, they would have accepted the 2008 peace deal that was by far more favorable towards them. But they rejected that deal and rushed back to terrorism. And now they have the gall to demand a solution that almost mirrors the 2008 seal in its entirety.

No, that is not how the world works. The Palestinians and their apologists have denied peace for far too long. They have rejected countless peace deals that would have seen Palestinians self-determination finalized. Instead, they have continued to indulge themselves on notions of ethnic cleansing, Palestinian supremacy and the destruction of the Jewish State. They cannot be rewarded for such barbaric intransigence. They cannot be given everything they now claim to want. There must be a price for continuously rejecting peace and embracing terrorism. And this price is the fact that they will not get everything they want. Just as Israel has to sacrifice for this peace, so must the Palestinians.

The Trump deal is unique in that it actually reflects the reality on the ground. It grants the Palestinians a state, and it also ensures Israel’s protection. This is what a sane, just and fair deal looks like. Those that are shouting from the sidelines simply do not want peace. They would prefer perpetual war over any sort of peace and reconciliation with Israel.

These voices need to be ignored if peace is to be achieved.

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