Boston – MIT – Harvard: Mass Ave Bridge to Nowhere!

To whom it may concern:

Dear, Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker.

Dear, Mayor of Cambridge, David Maher.

Dear, Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh.

We all know that this winter season is really Tough on the Greater Boston area, though Bostonians are well known around the Globe for their tough character and ability to withstand any challenges they are faced with.

As a Shabbat observing Jew, I am only allowed to walk rather than drive or use public transportation, from the Friday night sunset to the Saturday night sunset, those are Shabbat Laws and are not questionable.

This past Friday, February 20th, I was invited to attend the annual Harvard Business School Shabbat dinner, I was all excited and groomed for the event, until I got in front of the Mass Ave bridge west sidewalk. For the first 150 Smoots I felt like Moses walking through the Red Sea, tough but manageable, when crawling second half of the bridge I felt more like Baryshnikov’s the Prodigal Son during his walk of shame.

Boston is no longer considered #1 coziest city in America and in fact, we are only #6 among the best cities for Millennials, the generation which I belong to and I don’t even wonder why we are not.

The guest speaker of this Shabbat dinner was the Honorable Professor Larry Summers accompanied by his charming wife Lisa New.

Secretary Summers urged all guests to be active members and play pivotal roles at each of the attendees’ respective communities & hometowns. As a resident of South End since 2008, right after graduating Babson Business School, I feel it is very important to bring such an insignificant matter to Your prominent attention.

Ben Lisa Larry
(courtesy of Ben Tzion private photo collection. Photo taken by Patrick Daniel of Harvard)

I have recently read that Boston is looking for innovative ways to deal with massive snow stacks and would like to support Mayor Marty Walsh’s idea: dumping clean fresh snow into the harbor at least from the sidewalks of the major artery that connects Boston & Cambridge. During my 20 minutes snow struggle, I counted approximately 100 people walking to Boston from MIT and I believe that at least few of those passerbyers are the future Nobel Laureates like George Smoot himself.

Dear Gentlemen, please stay warm and safe on our sidewalks.

Kind regards,

Ben Tzion

(617) 606 3300

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