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Boycott the Danish Settler-State in Greenland!

Summer on the Greenland coast, circa year 1000, by Carl Rasmussen. (Wikipedia)
"Summer in the Greenland Coast Circa Year 1000" by Carl Rasmussen (1841-1893). Oil painting on canvas. (Bruun Rasmussen, via Wikimedia Commons)

Great Britain used to rule the United States and Canada. Spain used to rule Mexico. Portugal used to rule Brazil. They don’t anymore. But Denmark still rules Greenland. Greenland is Europe’s last large colonial outpost in the Western hemisphere.

All over the world, from Kashmir to Northern Ireland, progressive leftists like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar seek to put an end to what they perceive as colonialist settler-states. They define Israel as a colonial settler-state too and demand that it be boycotted.

But Greenland is a glaring exception. Radical leftists continue to support Denmark’s domination of its ice-and-snow-covered colony. When Donald Trump proposed purchasing Greenland, which would liberate its inhabitants from European colonialism, he was met with a firestorm of abuse from these far-lefty hypocrites.

The Thousand-Year History of Danish Colonial Designs on North America

Danish colonial designs on North American territory date back over one thousand years, starting when Erik the Red’s expedition set off for Greenland in 985 from Breiðafjörður Bay in western Iceland. While the indigenous Inuit people survived in the icy world of the subsequent Little Ice Age, the early Norse settlements along the southwestern coast were unable to adapt and disappeared. 

That left the Inuit as the only inhabitants of the island for several centuries. But Denmark’s insatiable colonial expansionism did not end. During all that time Denmark’s right-wing monarchy continued to claim sovereignty over Greenland despite the lack of any actual Danes there. 

In 1721, as part of its program of colonial expansion which had included seizing the Virgin Islands in the 1670s, Denmark sent a missionary expedition to Greenland with the aim of creating an exclusively Danish apartheid regime ruling over the so-called pagans on the island who were proudly practicing their native religions.

Fortunately Danish settlers did not enslave blacks in Greenland as they did in the Virgin Islands. Danish slavery was restricted to blacks, which further shows the inherent racism of Denmark’s colonial designs. The three-quarters black population of the US Virgin Islands is primarily descended from the slaves who Danish plantation owners brought there.

Denmark then developed capitalist-expansionist settler trading colonies along the Greenland coast and imposed a trade monopoly and other colonial privileges on the area. At the end World War II, during which Nazi Germany had invaded Denmark, the Danish government resumed its occupation of Greenland. In 1953 Denmark converted the status of Greenland from colony to overseas amt (county). That nominal change in status was a compromise between Denmark’s desire to continue to possess a colony in Greenland and the desire of the Greenlanders themselves to become more connected to the United States and Canada.

Danish settlers are even today a small minority in Greenland. Approximately 89 percent of Greenland’s population of 57,695 is Greenlandic Inuit, which works out to 51,349 Inuits as of 2012. The few thousand Danish settlers in Greenland have a right to a protected status in a secular, democratic Greenland. There they can continue to speak Danish, eat Havarti cheese and wear horned helmets. But what those Danish settlers do not have any right to is a colonialist, racist Danish apartheid state on a single square inch of the Inuit homeland in Greenland.

No one will bother the Danish settlers after the end of Danish supremacist rule there. The Inuit have a tradition of tolerance and welcoming visitors. I predict that after the end of Danish rule in Greenland the new, inclusive form of government set up there will embrace the Danes. Reconciliation Commissions can resolve any lingering disputes between Danish settlers and natives, in a manner similar to what happened in South Africa. Indeed, after the Danish government releases its grip on Greenland, the island will become the “Switzerland of the Arctic.” Inuits and Danes will live together in peace, equality and harmony.

The original Vikings had never intended for Greenland to become the nightmarish settler-state that it has become. They sought expansion into Europe. Indeed, Vikings only became aware of Greenland’s existence in the early 10th century, when Gunnbjörn Ulfsson, sailing from Norway to Iceland, was blown off course by a storm and sighted some islands off Greenland.

But then came a concerted effort by the international Viking movement to seize land in Greenland and settle it with Norsemen. In fact, the name “Greenland” was part of an effort by Erik the Red to entice Vikings into settling there by pretending that Greenland was fertile and that conditions there were conducive to capitalist agriculture. 

Erik the Red settling Vikings in Greenland was a clear violation of international law, which prohibits an occupying power from moving its population into occupied territory. Unfortunately, it is still happening. Danes are still illegally settling in Greenland!

Denmark’s successful expansion into Greenland in the 18th-century coincided with the rise of other colonialist movements in the rest of Europe and, in particular, the British colonization of North America. The demographic decline of the Native Americans in North America created a situation where Denmark hoped that Inuit, too, would become nearly extinct. The penchant for colonialism in Europe at the time meant that the major European powers were reluctant to do anything that was seen as blocking the Greater Denmark project of establishing a Danish settler-state in Greenland. After all, if Denmark did not have a right to seize Greenland, then what right did the British have to seize all of North America?

Danish colonialism was never accepted by the Inuit. Indeed, Inuit attacks may have played a role in the extinction of the original Danish colony in Greenland in the sixteenth century. But then, contrary to self-determination but in keeping with contemporary European expansion, Greenland was established as a Danish settler-colonial state in the 18th-century, when colonialism was winning war after war against native peoples.

Radical leftists who boycott Israel but not colonialist Denmark have certainly been influenced by the Denmark Lobby’s propaganda about how beautiful Danish women are and how egalitarian Danish society is. These radical leftists do not view Jews the way they view Danes. They see the Danes as winners and the Jews as losers. The fact that the Jews are not losers infuriates them. So they ignore the Danish colonial subjugation of Greenland. 

Colonialism simply exported the Danish Question into Greenland, into the Inuit lands. That is certain. Even if it was not intended, that was the effect of establishing a Danish colony there against the will of the native population and in a matter that all the Inuit neighbors of Greenland opposed. The success of the Danish colonial project has fueled other forms of colonialism ever since. It has caused great suffering to the Inuit people who where just living their lives there but had the bad fortune of being in this land that has become the object of Danish ambition.

Progressives have always said that they want a solution in Greenland which satisfies both the Inuit and Danish peoples. But they have not come to grips with Denmark’s ambition as an expansionist neocolonialist entity.

You see, there were stages to this Danish colonialism. Initially the Norse colonies were limited to the southwestern coast of Greenland. The next stage was to be the conversion of the Inuit to Christianity, causing them to lose their native identity and ancestral religions. Now Denmark seeks to continue devouring Greenland. Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! 

Fortunately President Trump has proposed a peaceful solution. He has offered to buy the Danish settlers out and establish one democratic United States of America and Greenland, where everyone will have equal rights and no one will suffer discrimination in a Danish ethno-state because they are not Danes. 

Make no mistake. A Danish state intrinsically discriminates against non-Danes. Greenland can be a Danish state or it can be democratic, but it cannot be both.

The Need for a Progressive, Peaceful Movement to Boycott Denmark

I call upon all of the progressive leftists in the world to support President Trump’s peaceful plan for the liberation of Greenland from Danish colonial rule. If Denmark still refuses to release its grip on the suffering indigenous people of Greenland then there needs to be a campaign of Belittlement, Denunciation and Separation (BDS) to convince the Danes that they must end centuries of Danish ethnonationalism in Greenland in order to build a democratic United States of America and Greenland. 

BDS against Denmark is a peaceful, non-violent movement. We must immediately begin boycotting Denmark. BDS must seek to end all academic cooperation between American and Danish universities. Danish theatrical and performing companies and art exhibits which tour America must be denied venues. American musicians themselves must refuse to perform in front of Danish audiences. Lana Del Rey should cancel her concerts in Denmark as she has in Israel. Do not buy toys, cheese or other products from Denmark. It is only in this way that the Danish people will come to understand that the era of their settler-colonialism in Greenland is over. 

Greenland will be free! From the Borgium River to the Sea! 

And if you think that the above article sounds hostile to Danes, just realize that is how hostile the Israel-boycotters’ invective sounds to most Jews. Israel boycotters spew similar collections of truths and half-truths, broad all-explaining historical theories that no one can prove, destructive labeling, and prophecies of a glorious future once the object of their boycott no longer exists.

If far-leftists can subject the Israelis to such denunciations then far-leftists can do the same to the Danes. Why won’t they?

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