Britain just re-wrote the Balfour Declaration and no one noticed

Israel might not grasp the counter-propaganda threat posed to the ‘occupation’ narrative by her land deed — the Mandate For Palestine — but her enemies certainly do, and they just scored a huge victory: the rewriting of the 100 year old Balfour Declaration to support ‘self-determination,’ and a declaration supporting the division of Jerusalem.

UK petition-Balfour_Apology1
UK Parliament

Last Friday, I was asked, for the third year in a row, to record various segments as a panelist on ICEJ’s (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) TV show, Inside Israel. One issue we had to address was a MEMRI article: ‘PALESTINIAN CAMPAIGN TO SUE BRITAIN, DEMAND REPARATION FOR BALFOUR DECLARATION.’

Indeed, it seems that such a lawsuit is planned, but I was forced to announce that the suit just got a huge boost from another stunningly simple anti-Israel move: Someone (un-named) recently used the official petition feature for the UK parliament to demand an apology for the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and “its role during the Mandate…”

The complete rewriting of the Balfour Declaration — on its 100th anniversary!

Although the petition, which closed May 03/17, only gathered 13,637 signatures, the UK government somehow felt compelled to reply to it. Some pro-Israel organizations were excited to share the first paragraph of the response which read, ‘HMG does not intend to apologize,’ but they missed the rest of the shocking response because it was only visible by clicking on the ‘Read the response in full’ link below.

Here’s the scary part:

UK petition-Balfour_Apology2
UK Parliament

Did you get that? Here’s what the Brits just did on the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration:

  1. Rewrote the Declaration in hindsight to support ‘political rights’ and ‘self-determination’ for the benefit of Arabs accusing today’s Jews of stealing land!
  2. Two-state solution.
  3. Division of Jerusalem.

All in response to a petition with just over 13K signatures. Instead of having the good grace to be quietly ashamed of killing countless Jews during World War II because of their failure to honour the Mandate For Palestine, Britain has now rewritten history to attack today’s Jewish state on behalf of terrorists and their ‘occupation’ fabrication. If we allow them to get away with it, they can finally clean their consciences of their perfidy. Such treachery.

Rewriting Balfour = Delegitimization of Israel’s land title deed from the world: the Mandate For Palestine

The Balfour Declaration is, as Canada’s Ezra Levant recently said at a Balfour anniversary celebration in Toronto, ‘an unremarkable document,’ at least when viewed as a standalone. Ezra, by his own admission, had only read the declaration shortly before speaking and had no idea, therefore, of its ultimate expression as the spark for Israel’s remarkable land title deed from the world: the 1922 League of Nations Mandate For Palestine which, when combined with the accompanying Note re Trans-Jordan, sets out clearly the boundaries for the ‘reconstitution’ of the Jewish ‘national home’ (everything west of the Jordan River).

Balfour is actually referenced in the preamble to the Mandate:

“Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory (Great Britain) should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 17, 1917, by the Government of His Brittanic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people…”

In one fell swoop Israel’s enemies have convinced Britain to rewrite the Balfour Declaration and, by extension, they have also delegitimized Israel’s land title deed, the Mandate For Palestine…her greatest, yet unused, weapon against the fake ‘occupation’ narrative.

Scary, yes…but not in the way you might think…

What’s scary here is NOT the fact that ‘Palestinians’ have attacked the documents that could completely destroy their ‘occupation’ lie. I’m surprized they haven’t done it sooner.

No, what’s scary is that Israel doesn’t teach the history of her land deed in her school systems. What’s scary is that no one — in the Israel government or myriad collection of pro-Israel NGOs — ever thought to file their own petition to the UK government demanding an apology for the countless Jews who died during World War II because Britain refused to uphold the Mandate’s obligation to facilitate Jews who wanted to return to their homeland.

Oh, I can still defend Israel despite this further act of anti-Jew treachery by the nation who should have saved those Jewish lives. My argument is as timeless as it is simple: ‘This is just more proof that Jews couldn’t trust the world’s promises in the ORIGINAL 2-state solution, so why should they trust a NEW solution today?’

If you’d like to see that argument used effectively against an international legal scholar, start reading:

No…what is truly scary is that Israel is constantly playing defence in the propaganda game. I recently wrote, in Why Israel is losing the propaganda war…And how to win it:

Not only is Israel losing the counter-propaganda war; she is going to lose without firing a shot.

It is sad and shocking to watch Israel leave her greatest weapon of truth sitting on the sidelines of the propaganda war: her land title deed from the League of Nations, the very existence of which disproves every vile lie associated with the imaginary ‘occupation.’

It is, however, not shocking at all to watch her enemies do what they can to destroy it and its history. A blind man could have seen it coming. The Arabs are experts at victimology propaganda, and they understand why the Mandate For Palestine must be discredited even if Israel does not. I predict that the UK’s response to their petition will find its way into their lawsuit. What a surprise. Sigh.

If I had my way, every Israeli politician and NGO leader would be required to write, ‘It’s the ‘occupation’ narrative, stupid!’ 100 times on a blackboard.

Mark Vandermaas, Israel Truth Week


  1. Could someone in the Israeli government or influential NGO please file that petition asking for an apology from Britain for illegally keeping all those doomed Jews out of Palestine?
  2. While you’re at it, file one with Canada to remove references to ‘occupied territories’ and ‘illegal settlements’ on our foreign affairs policy page. After all, Canada was a member of the League of Nations when the Mandate was passed.
  3. Perhaps a rep from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could also politely inquire as to whether the petition response was official UK government policy or just dreamt up by an over-zealous moron who’s not fond of Israel/Jews.
  4. And, Bibi…what about taking a moderate stand by resisting all calls for solutions, and instead calling a moratorium on peace plans until the UN recognizes Israel’s land rights under the Mandate as per Article 80? I even wrote the speech for you to save some time.


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  3. Medium, Mark Vandermaas: ‘Truth Before Solutions: A New Path To Peace’ (a speech for Bibi)
  4. Israel Truth Week: Mandate For Palestine (training booklet & video)

Mark Vandermaas currently trains Zionist activists to destroy the fake ‘occupation’ narrative via his Israel Truth Week project. He has been called a ‘Damn Zionist’ by his enemies and an ‘Honorary Jew’ by his allies. He has organized pro-Israel conferences, appeared on Jewish and Christian TV for Israel, and personally trained over 450 Zionists to make a moral argument against the ‘occupation’ lie. His rule-of-law activism during the Caledonia crisis has been cited in two books: the bestselling Helpless, by Christie Blatchford, and in Gary McHale’s Victory In The No-Go Zone.

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