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Business development talk with Idan Ben Or

The basis for quality organic SEO on Google is in-depth word research. (Photo by Lukas Blazek - Unsplash)

The importance of SEO continues to grow as businesses place more emphasis on all things digital.  Many managers feel like SEO is a mystical black box.  The company has a website, and someone is responsible for the optimization. The manager only knows the results when they check the Google ranking or a client finds them online.  Few people understand the process.     

Idan Ben Or (Courtesy)

I turned to Idan Ben Or to understand the process of SEO and the latest industry trends. Idan is the CEO of  Rego, and a well-known Israeli SEO specialist advising big brands such as Matrix, Graphos, and Daka90

In this talk, we discuss website optimization, Google rankings, keyword search, and search volumes. 

What do business leaders need to know about Website Optimization?

You may not have been told this,  but you have entered the Supreme Court of Google.  In this court case, your Google site rankings are on trial.  Your lawyers must convince the judge that your business deserves top rankings.  

How does a business convince Google that it deserves a top-ranking?

The first step is technical optimization and adaptation of the site on the search engines.

Try to think of Google as an old and wise man who speaks only one language: the language of optimization. Website optimization is our way of talking to the search engine in a language it understands and making the site relevant to the search terms we want to rank.

Over the years, the search engines (and Google within them) have significantly advanced and created various tags that aim to “translate” the text on the site into a language they understand.

How do you make sure Google gets the correct “translation”?

You need to examine the site from all directions, including dozens of parameters.  These include Tags and metadata, Headings H1-H, ALT tags, Site speed, Sitemap, References, and  301/302.

What do businesses need to know about keyword searches for organic promotions?

The basis for quality organic SEO on Google is in-depth word research. My goal is to use tweezers to pull out the phrases that can lead to site conversions or start the marketing process. 

The word research process is carried out in collaboration with the client.  We produce a document containing several pieces:

General / broad expressions:  This is the stage at which the surfer begins to interest you (research the field).

Broad specific phrases: This is when the surfer knows more or less what he is looking for but needs further guidance.

Conversion-oriented long-tail phrases: This is when the surfer is willing to convert (buy).

What should be in good word research?

First and foremost, it is performed only after understanding the field and in-depth conversation with the client. Consider how much traffic each phrase can bring in if you get to the first page of Google.   

In word research, hundreds of expressions are found, from which the website promoter should recommend the expressions that have the best potential for promotion within the client’s budget.

What role do search volumes play in this?

Search volumes of the numbers that Google displays are only partial.  A good website manager knows how to give search volumes the “proper” weight and at the same time take into account additional parameters for choosing the phrases.

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