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Business in Israel is Fulfilling and Very Israeli Centric

Israel’s businesses are thriving, and it’s all about finding your niche. What I have noticed is that Israel’s business world is much different than in other countries, and this makes starting a business more flexible as a result.

You don’t need special licensing or a specific educational background.

There’s also the Nefesh B’Nefesh Employment Department, which can help provide additional advice and help put you in contact with other professionals in the market. Everything for freelance workers has also been outlined by the government, from legal aspects to taxation, so it’s rather easy to start working for yourself in Israel.

MATI offices are able to help jumpstart your business, and this is definitely true in the beginning stages of your business. Consultants will work with business owners on a one-on-one counseling basis to help you refine your business plan.

Courses on running and financing a business are also subsidized, and mentorship programs are also available. Customized mentorship is offered, and New Olim are allowed up to 20 hours of free mentoring that is fully subsidized.

There are 24 MATI offices, and they all have their own websites with information that can help people get started in business.

In the States, we do have the Small Business Administration, but it’s difficult to get started in business because there are so many barriers and options. People often procrastinate because you need to go through hurdles on the state and federal level. You can also incorporate in other states which has its benefits, but it’s just another option that has its own set of rules and laws.

Start-up mentoring is also available in Israel through Keren Shemesh, and this will involve selecting a proper business idea, checking if the idea is suitable, studying the feasibility of everything and even going through the business planning process, courses and mentoring. There’s also help with financing up to NIS 90,000.

Speaking of startups, Israel is filled with them, and that has led to an online presence becoming very important. What’s nice about Israel is that startups are very pro-Israel, and working with Israeli companies is very important. Startups will work together, source products and services from each other and ensure each other’s success.

You’ll find plenty of local freelancers that will help with anything, from explaining Leadpages pricing to copywriting, web design and even coming up with flyers. You can be sure that there are local people with the experience to help you get your business off the ground.

The startup community is very close-knit, and this means that these companies will work together often.

You’re not as alone in the Israeli business world as you are in the States, and that keeps you more motivated to succeed. There’s always someone willing to help or mentor you through problems.

Business is more of a community in Israel than in the States, and it’s a great feeling having everyone work closely together for the collective success of everyone. There are also grants, tax holidays and other perks that make starting a business, even a small part-time operation, fulfilling.

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