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Cafe Hafuch – Living in an upside World

Cafe hafuch to go. Does not write well in English.

Cafe hafuch bavaksha. Does not write well in English.

Benhafuchu. Benhafuchu. Does not write well in English.

Well, it is Purim Again. And the most relevant word in the Megilla is


There is even a song with these words

What is this about?

Hafuch is upside down. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry this Purim. That is the sad lot of the Jews.  We are living in an upside world.

Do I need to explain this or can I finish my blog now?

Should I give some examples?

Especially when all these things reverse the progress of civilization. Why is it considered progressive to:

Hate Jews.

Hate Israel and spread lies about Israel

To allow and encourage the murder of Jews in their historical homeland . This is not newsworthy in the international news.

Talk of a peace deal. Did we not try that in 1995?

Give more land so we can have some more Piece.

Call not yet born babies garbage?
Treat border infiltrators same as legal “immigrants”?
Call fear of heartless and bloody Jihadis “Islamophobia”?
Decry murdering of Muslims by infidels while ignoring daily massive murders of Christians by Muslims?

Instead of writing on and on about this, I am announcing my vote for the benhafuchu award this Purim.

First this video from UNHRC which does not need an explanation

Sara Hossain, a member of the U.N. commission investigating Israel's response to the Hamas riots: "There were people having poetry readings, playing music, waving flags, things that can't be in any way considered to be violence"

פורסם על ידי ‏‎Eretz Yisrael‎‏ ב- יום שני, 18 במרץ 2019

Sara Hossain, a member of the UN commission investigating Israel’s response to the Hamas riots:

“There were people having poetry readings, playing music, waving flags, things that can’t be in any way considered to be violence”

Second this video by Reb Shlomo explaining over 30 years ago what is Peace.


פורסם על ידי ‏‎Shlomo Katz‎‏ ב- יום חמישי, 7 בינואר 2016

Thirdly, this quote by Hillel Fuld.

Oy, we have lost so many good people in the terror attacks. Why why why. What message is Hashem sending us?

Surely all these events are not coincidental — the obsession of the world with the Jews and Israel.

The Torah states that when we keep the Commandments, we will dwell securely in our Land. There are big discussions on how to interpret this and I will leave everybody to meditate what this means.

For me, all this can be summed in a quote from Reb Shlomo.

” The whole World is waiting for the Jews to be Jews”

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