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Cindy’s Corners Style Center: Israeli Blue Bracelets and Met Gala Trends

The Blue Bracelets Are Perfect Mother’s Day, Graduation and Bridal Shower Gifts

We all wear red bracelets for good luck. But did you know the significance of a blue bracelet?

Blue Bracelet, the positive meaning of Tekhelet can reach everyone.

Photos are from The Blue Bracelet

The Blue Bracelet is made of blue thread according to the jewish law (Halacha) that is made for the sake of Tzizit (with strict rabbinical supervision). The Logo of the Blue Bracelet, is similar to the shape of the sea snail (Hexaplex Trunculus) shell, and is a registered trade mark.

The bracelet is handcrafted by a professional jeweler, graduated from “Bezalel Academy” in Jerusalem, Israel, and a fifth generation of goldsmiths. All the bracelets are made in Israel.

In addition, 10% of all profit from the Blue Bracelet are donated to various organizations that support wounded IDF soldiers and needy people. The company takes it upon themselves to share with each purchase the meanings behind the products with literature explaining the positive meaning of Tekhelet to the world, with the goal of making it a better and more positive place for all of us.

Where Does The Meaning Of The Bracelet Begin?

The Blue Bracelet- A Jewel For The Soul A bracelet made of Biblical blue (Tekhelet)
“Have you looked at the sky today?

In another fifty years Everything you see here will be gone. You and I will not be here anymore. Look at the sky, remember where you came from and to where you will return. Stop the crazy rat race. Do not let the world mislead you!”
Reb Nachman Breslover

The “Commandment of Tekhelet” appears in the “Shema Israel” prayer, that is recited twice a day by the Jewish people, according to which –
“God spoke to Moses, saying:
In ancient times, Tekhelet that was created in accordance with Jewish law, was so rare that it had equal value to gold. Mysteriously, the secrets of the biblical Tekhelet and the way it was produced – disappeared 1300 years ago. Only in recent years, and thanks to the collaboration of large scholars and rabbis, the secrets of manufacturing the Tekhelet and the sea snail that it’s manufactured from (Hexaplex Trunculus )- were revealed again.

The translucent material inside the sea snail, turns into Tekhelet after a long and precise process. That is the way to manufacture Tekhelet according to the Jewish law and for the sake of Tzizit.

This ancient material and method distinguishes the Tekhelet from all other colors. Also, Chazal (sages of the Mishna and the Talmud) answered the question “WHY BLUE?”: “Because blue resembles the sea, the sea resembles the sky, and the sky resembles the ‘Chair of Glory'” ( Men. 43b)

Noam Cohen, the Founder of the Blue Bracelet, was first exposed to the mitzvah of Tekhelet, while a Rabbi entered his office (in Jerusalem, Israel) and proposed him to put on Tefillin and pray. He agreed. As he read the “Shema Israel” prayer, he was immediately awakened by the desire to understand, investigate, and deepen the mitzvah of Tekhelet – why were Bnei Israel asked to put a “thread of blue” on the Tzitzit? What does this symbolize? And what is the logic behind it? (As there is behind every mitzvah)… Speak to the children of Israel and tell them to make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and to attach a thread of blue on the fringe of each corner…and you will not follow after your heart and
after your eyes by which you go astray..”

While Noam deepened into the subject, he was exposed to a fascinating world of discoveries, and spiritual value given to the Israelies in the form of the Tekhelet commandment. After realizing that most people (even religious people) were not aware of the commandment of the Tekhelet, he realized that this commandment was pushed aside by the disappearance of Tekhelet and he took on the task of publicizing it and its positive meaning. Noam realized that he can help many people gain a happy and balanced life, especially in the materialistic Era which we live in.

At the base of the Tekhelet commandment is the understanding that materialism and the pursuit of matter blind our eyes and our hearts. Not in vain, the Tekhelet is the color of the greatest wonders of creation. It is meant to open our hearts and eyes to the truly important things – the beauty of Creation, the Virtues of mankind that begin within us, and the inner power hidden in each and every one of us. A constant reminder of these powers, helps us to remember our truth and gives us strength we did not know was hidden within us. The inner sense of “completeness” gives extra value to every area of our lives, and improves our personal abilities, dimensions, and achievements.

There is no doubt that when you feel good from within – everything in life flows more easily.

Beyond the aforesaid, the Blue Bracelet opened the possibility for women and children donning the Tekhelet (when in fact, until now only men donned it on their Tzizit). Through The.

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