Climate extremism

I think everyone wants to live in a world with clean air and water and would not want climate disaster, unless they have a financial investment or interest which occludes their vision.

That being said, creating a situation that produces rolling blackouts or the fear of such, necessitating not using appliances, lights or air conditioning from 4P.M. in the afternoon, as Governor Newsome requests in California, makes no sense. That is not an energy policy, green or otherwise. That is energy desperation.

Moreover, all this virtuous self-sacrifice isn’t encouraging China to clean up her polluting act one iota. On the contrary, because we need her solar panels and minerals for electric cars, it just benefits her and China keeps on polluting anyway.

Whenever I see a policy that defies logic, I know to look for the money link. Someone is benefiting from this insanity. These are energy policies that want you to leave your brains at the door. Why can’t we have program to hybrid fossil fuel and green energy in a symbiotic model?

Also, my knowledge (albeit limited) about electricity production is that you require either water power (as in Niagara Falls), nuclear power or fossil fuel to create that energy efficiently. Solar energy cannot provide that in bulk or in all weather conditions and energy creation from wind and water modalities, has not been sufficiently perfected.

We abhor extremism and this blind, green energy policy is a kind of extremism, which may pave the way to unintended, dire consequences.

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I am a US and Israeli attorney. I studied law at Hebrew University and Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. I moved to Israel with my family in 2004.Living in Israel was always my dream. I grew up in a very, educated family who were always discussing and debating topics in current events, history and philosophy. I have a keen interest in the search for truth and justice. To contact me:
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