Connecting with home: Data on how Israeli expats stay tied to their homeland

Connecting with Israel: How Israeli Expats Stay Tied to Their Homeland
For Israelis living in Australia, staying connected with their homeland is essential to preserving their cultural identity and maintaining strong family ties. With an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 Israelis calling Australia home, the community has developed numerous ways to stay connected with Israel. This article explores the various methods through which Israelis in Australia maintain their cultural ties, keep up with news from Israel, and stay close to their families despite the geographical distance.

Embracing Israeli Culture in Australia

Israeli culture is rich and diverse, and expats in Australia make concerted efforts to keep it alive. One of the primary ways they achieve this is through cultural and community events. According to a survey conducted by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, over 75% of Israeli expats in Australia participate in cultural events that celebrate Israeli holidays and traditions.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Organizations such as the Israeli Council of Victoria and the Zionist Federation of Australia regularly host events that celebrate Israeli holidays like Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day), Hanukkah, and Purim. These events provide a sense of community and continuity for Israelis abroad. For example, the annual Yom Ha’atzmaut festival in Melbourne attracts thousands of attendees, offering Israeli music, dance performances, and traditional foods, creating a vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of home.

Hebrew Language Schools

Another critical aspect of cultural preservation is language. Hebrew language schools play a significant role in keeping the younger generation connected to their roots. Schools like Moriah College in Sydney and the King David School in Melbourne offer Hebrew classes and Jewish studies as part of their curriculum. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Hebrew is one of the fastest-growing languages in Australia, with a 15% increase in speakers over the past decade.

Keeping Up with News from Israel

Staying informed about current events in Israel is crucial for expats who want to remain engaged with their homeland. The rise of digital media has made this easier than ever, providing access to Israeli news in real-time.

Many Israelis in Australia rely on Israeli news websites such as Haaretz, Ynet, and The Jerusalem Post to stay updated. These platforms offer comprehensive coverage of political developments, social issues, and cultural news. Additionally, mobile apps from these news outlets provide instant notifications about breaking news, ensuring that expats are always in the loop.

Social media has also become a vital tool for staying connected. Platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp host numerous groups and communities where Israelis in Australia can share news, discuss current events, and connect with fellow expats. For instance, the “Israelis in Australia” Facebook group has over 8,000 members who actively engage in discussions about life in Australia and news from Israel.

Maintaining Family Ties

For many Israeli expats, maintaining strong family connections is paramount. Modern technology has significantly bridged the distance, allowing for frequent communication and interaction with loved ones back home.

Video calling apps like Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp have revolutionized how expats communicate with their families. According to a survey by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 90% of Israeli expats use video calls at least once a week to stay in touch with their families. These platforms offer a sense of closeness and immediacy, enabling families to share everyday moments despite the distance.

While technology facilitates daily communication, face-to-face interactions remain irreplaceable. Many Israeli expats in Australia make regular trips back to Israel to visit family and friends. Data from the Australian Department of Home Affairs indicates that the number of travel visas issued to Israeli citizens has increased by 20% over the past five years, highlighting the importance of maintaining these personal connections.

Community Support and Networking

Building a supportive community is essential for expats adjusting to life in a new country. Israelis in Australia have established robust networks that provide support and foster a sense of belonging.

Several organizations cater specifically to the Israeli expat community in Australia. The Zionist Federation of Australia and the Israeli Council of Victoria are two prominent examples. These organizations offer various services, including cultural programs, social events, and support for new immigrants. They also provide platforms for networking, helping Israelis connect with others who share their cultural background and experiences.

Professional networking groups also play a crucial role. Organizations like the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce facilitate connections between Israeli and Australian businesses, promoting opportunities for collaboration and growth. These networks not only support professional development but also strengthen cultural ties by fostering business relationships rooted in shared heritage.

For Israelis living in Australia, staying connected with their homeland is a multifaceted effort that encompasses cultural preservation, keeping up with news, maintaining family ties, and building supportive communities. Through cultural events, digital media, modern communication technologies, and strong community networks, Israeli expats successfully navigate the challenges of living abroad while preserving their rich cultural heritage. The bond with Israel remains strong, ensuring that no matter how far they are from home, they are never truly disconnected.

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Michelle Uadra is an Australian journalist focused on Israel and the broader Middle East region.
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